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Liar, Liar, Club On Fire

Outside, Bobby Elvis is quietly freaking. Jax points out that Otto does have Bobby Elvis's name (so Otto knows), but he and Clay figured Bobby Elvis didn't Luann. Bobby Elvis says, "Sheriff's got my DNA. Why didn't he question me?" Jax has no idea, and oh, won't it be funny when this all comes out at exactly the wrong moment and Roosevelt's all, "I visited who and said what?" (Ten bucks says Potter's there, and drifts by with a look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.) Anyhoodle, Jax has decided that avenging Luann for Otto is this episode's Errand of the Week, so they're going to get to it. But first, Clay's got to run a few errands.

Clay heads into Gemma's office and says baldly, "Piney says he knows I killed JT. Threatened to tell the club." Gemma dismisses this as the ramblings of a man who just had a cardiac incident, but Clay points out that Piney had inside information: "Says he found some old letters. Guess maybe Tara did tell somebody." Gemma can see where this line of thinking is headed and tries to divert Clay, but he makes his case with every step he takes toward Gemma: "I'm sure JT wrote about how Piney was the only one he trusted. Makes sense for Tara to turn to him." Gemma gets up and insists, "Tara would not hurt this family!" (What a long way she's come since season one when she told Clay, "I didn't trust her [as a high schooler], I don't trust her now.") Clay is not really paying attention to any of Gemma's character testimonies. He begins making the case for more murder with, "The history that Tara and Piney know? Very dangerous." Gemma says, "You're talking about the cofounder of this club and the mother of our grandchild." This should be Clay's big neon clue that Gemma's not buying what he's selling, as Gemma has made it abundantly clear that she will protect those who she considers family at all costs. However, Clay is more concerned with covering his own ass, and lays out why the club would not hesitate to murder him: "I had John Teller killed while I was bedding his wife. It does not matter what the reason was, Jax finds that out, he cuts off my goddamn head, he sticks it on the reaper pole. Now, we got to stop this in its tracks, you and me. Otherwise we lose everything." Hey, does anyone else remember toward the end of Season 1 when Clay's having issues and Gemma says dismissively, "You're losing control, just like he did." THAT will be what makes Clay lose everything -- when he loses Gemma's respect and backing.

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