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Liar, Liar, Club On Fire

For now, however, Gemma tries to steer Clay off his paranoia-fueled course by pointing out, correctly, that neither one of them has any idea what's in those letters, Piney is a known malcontent, and the smart move would be to just find the letters, because if Clay and Gemma can sit on those, then nobody else has any proof of anything. Clay decides to listen to the missus on this one; Gemma promises she'll find the letters and warns her husband, "Until I do, Clay, nothing happens. You understand? Not to Piney, not to Tara. You hurt them, you hurt Jax." And there is screaming neon clue number two that Gemma is not going to be backing Clay on this play: This is the woman who said in Season 2 that God put her on this planet to be a fierce mother, and she probably has not let go of that conviction. Clay promises Gemma and they hug, but both of them wear the shell-shocked look of people who just realized they can't really trust their spouse to be in their corner on a big problem. (And they can't exactly bring this to marriage counseling: "My wife won't back my plan to kill our daughter-in-law so I can keep the murder of her first husband covered up!" Can this marriage be saved?")

That discussion out of the way, Clay's gone to visit Unser. He butters him up with a beautifully restored motorcycle ("Consider it my first payment on a long-overdue debt"), then airs his concern about Tara having JT's old letters. "I need you to find them now... when you track them down, you give them to me, I'll get rid of them," he bids Unser. Having thus broken his promise to his wife, Clay prepares to leave.

But look! Here comes Gemma, who seems none too pleased to see Clay, quite possibly because she needs to lean on Unser to help her find those letters -- although she disguises it as a charity pot drop-off for Unser. Clay pecks his wife and heads off. Gemma's morning of being lied to by the men in her life continues, as Unser claims he and Clay were merely setting up "trucking shit," and not talking about how Unser needs to fetch some letters for Clay.

Gemma snarls, "Don't you lie to me." Unser folds and sits with a plaintive "I'm between a big rock and a really hard place here, Gemma." Gemma figures it out; she seems less surprised than irritated that Clay would break a promise to her. Unser feebly defends Clay with "He's worried," but Gemma's all, "Yeah, we've gone beyond worried into kill-happy. Get the letters -- they're in a locked desk drawer in Tara's office. If you're lucky, Tara still hasn't learned to lock her door because she loves it when her mother-in-law and/or ornery old bikers lie in wait in her bathroom." Gemma emphasizes how Clay cannot get his hands on those letters. She stalks off and Unser sits back with a look like he regrets every decision from the last twenty years.

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