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Liar, Liar, Club On Fire

Zip! Back to plot-of-the-week. Clay heads into Dondo's studio and says, "Georgie! We missed you!" He takes out Georgie's ball gag, and Georgie begs him, "Can't you talk sense into these psychos?" Clay purrs, "These are my rational guys. I get Happy here, 'ball gag' takes on a whole new meaning." Georgie protests that he didn't kill Luann, but Jax has had enough of the club's Errand of the Week plotline and begins garroting Georgie. Ima takes this moment to cling to Opie for comfort. Opie is all, " ... there, there?" Georgie screams that he has millions of dollars, and they're all at Clay's disposal if only he's allowed to live. Georgie pants, "I got Asian backing. Billionaire sex freaks. I'm serious!" Clay's all, "Hold it. Can we use these Asians for our own ends? Say, get them to claim they're interested in investing in Charming Heights, then have them pull the money at the last minute and completely screw over Mayor McCheese?" None of the bikers seem keen on this plan -- mostly because it involves keeping Georgie alive -- but they go along with it. It also helps that nobody knows how Clay promised Osborne he'd make sure Charming Heights goes through. Bobby Elvis asks, "What the hell do we tell Otto?" and Clay is all, "We, kemosabe?" Jax says simply, "Tell him the truth. The club needs Georgie alive for a minute. That's a post-dated check. As soon as we shut down Hale, we cut Georgie's heart out."

Juice pulls up to the guns-n-drugs barn and lies to Filthy Phil about why he's checking up on the drugs. Conveniently enough, Rat's on a coffee run, and Miles and the Mayan are off doing who-knows-what (or who...). Juice recognizes an opportunity when it's staring him in the face, so he waltzes into the barn to get the tracking sticker. He's pulled a brick out of the crate, and right as he's getting ready to grab a sample, Filthy Phil comes on over to say hi because he's lonely. Juice panics and shoves the brick of heroin down his pants, then chit-chats with Filthy Phil. Before he can shake the big, dumb human mountain, Rafi (the Mayan) comes by, so Juice has to lock up and waltz out of the barn with a big brick of fine uncut Columbian cocaine snuggled against his nethers. Rafi absolutely suspects something is up, but he can't figure out what.

We then see Juice hanging out under a tree, holding the brick and trying not to panic as he waits out the guards. Quick cut and... it's daylight. Juice correctly realizes he is screwed, and runs toward the barn chanting, "Ah, shit, shit, shit" the whole way.

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Sons of Anarchy




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