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Liar, Liar, Club On Fire

Daybreak at Clay and Gemma's. Gemma is already up and coffee-fueled, which is bad news for the barely-awake Clay, as she's loaded for bear and begins firing off questions as to Clay's whereabouts. Clay mumbles, "Just handling that Otto thing. Handled." He sits down, and the scene of the heavily-tattooed Clay sipping his coffee at a table adored with a bowl of floating gardenia flowers is never not going to be funny. Gemma then hands over a plastic bag filled with charred paper bits. Clay asks, "What's this?" and Gemma replies, "The letters. I found them in Tara's office, locked in a desk drawer." We cut to Clay's face, and the look he's giving Gemma -- disbelief, betrayal -- is heartbreaking. Gemma is not even trying to sell her lie particularly well, even as she claims, calmly and dully, that they were mostly love letters to Maureen and she was so pained, she had no choice but to burn them. Clay appears to shrink in on himself as he picks up the baggie full of paper fragments he burned. He mumbles, "Sorry." Gemma figures they can move on: "It's done, baby. Piney's suspicions don't mean shit. Nobody can hurt us."

We cut to Clay, who has just endured the deepest hurt of all. (No doubt remembering how he taunted Unser: "Are you afraid the love of your life betrayed you too?" Or thinking that he now has an answer for Otto's question: How does it feel to lose the one you love the most?) Clay leans over and kisses her hand: "Yeah. Thank god." The two sit at the table silently. I have to admit: I had a lump in my throat at the end of this scene. One of the things I have always loved about this show was the way it depicted Clay and Gemma's marriage as a mature, passionate relationship where they really did seem to try and be their best selves for each other. And they've both given in to their worst instincts, so now there's an irreparable fissure beginning to grow between them.

Meanwhile, Juice decides the best thing he can do with his purloined brick is to bury it in the woods. On the bright side, whoever ends up looking for it will be able to easily find it after they notice all the chipmunks ordering bottle service and behaving like total a**holes.

Back at the clubhouse, some guy behind the bar -- Clipper, according to the closed captioning -- tells Jax that Opie spent the night in the apartment. Jax heads back to find his best bud. Opie greets him with a grunt of "Rough night," and that, naturally, is when Ima makes her morning appearance. (Good news! She's still keeping up whatever it is she does to keep the glutes thong-worthy.) Pulling up her strapless bra as she saunters into the room, Ima grins, "Well ... mornin'." Jax gives Opie with a pointed look and says, "Really rough." Opie rolls his eyes all, Save me from hypocrites and Ima drapes herself on him for show. Jax leaves with, "Guess I'll leave you to it," and Opie finally shakes Ima off. You would think she'd learn that these guys are not so much with the morning-after breakfast and chitchat.

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