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The Crows Come Home to Roost

The girl runs through the parlor and out of the house, and Tig stop aimlessly beating on a piano's keys to play peanut gallery: "That ain't good." Upstairs, Jax continues down the hall and discovers that each room is packed with healthy white babies, some in blue outfits, some in pink. The rest of the bikers come up and Chibs looks in the bedroom and asks, "Jesus Christ, what the hell is this, Jackie?" "It's another goddamn baby factory," Jax seethes.

(Nota bene: There are regulations for how long babies can work shifts: until age 6 months, babies can only "work" 20 minutes a day, while children aged 6-24 months can work two hours per day. So I'm hoping the decision to have many babies of standing age featured in the nursery was driven by logistics and not meant to reflect some sort of situation where kids were raised in black market orphinariums for months at a time. Although, really, is it reasonable to expect anyone who traffics in babies to be all, "Oh my gosh, we're not giving these children the dedicated attention they need?")

Anyway, the bikers are outraged and fisticuffs ensue. The babies all watch and yowl as the bikers deliver beatdowns to all the in-house baby traffickers. A small yet amusing detail: Happy is utterly silent as he punches his opponent; all the other bikers are shouting and grunting. Galen comes up the stairs and looks taken aback at how brutal his rented brute squad can be.

Cut to the aftermath, where Clay is on the scene and wearing an expression like Is it possible for me to get through ONE DAY without someone f***ing up? No? Jax is unrepentant about the violence, snotting, "You didn't tell us we'd be dealing with the U.S. half of your black market baby ring." Galen claims it's "Catholic placement for unwanted children," but you'll note that those kids were all white and healthy, and those are the ones that cost a hell of a lot more to adopt than kids who are non-Caucasian or have special needs. Jax snaps, "Call whatever you want, you're selling babies for cash!" and Clay wades into the dispute before it can turn into a symposium on the ethics of human trafficking. Tig then distracts Jax by handing the phone; Filthy Phil is on the other line.

Clay heads over and apologizes to Galen for the particularly blunt enforcement, explaining, "[Jax] almost lost his son to your Belfast house. Long story. Kellan, keeping some twisted promise to JT." Galen shrugs, "I didn't know." Clay continues, all reason, "So you understand why this pushes his button." Galen replies, "Aye, but the boy's got too many buttons ... he's hotheaded and unstable. Throw him into the mix with Mexicans? I have no faith it doesn't turn bloody." Sweet fancy Moses, but the Irish Kings are a big bunch of negative ninnies. They should just call themselves the Irish Control Freaks and have done with it. Anyway, Clay promises to keep Jax off the cartel and asks if Galen needs anything else at his American baby warehouse. Galen replies, "American Irish. Greedy bastards. Offering children to the highest bidder -- some of them to Protestant families." And that was when I decided I'm pro-Galindo. Say what you will about a murderous cabal of drugrunners who use beheadings as an incentive program -- at least they're honest about their motivation (cash money, and lots of it) instead of cloaking their thuggery in religious fanaticism.

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