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Zip! Back to Georgie, who is shocked -- shocked! -- that the Asian investors went ahead and, you know, invested. Neither Bobby Elvis nor Tig really buy this, and they quickly walk him over to his car. As Georgie blithers along, Bobby nods and Tig pops the trunk, then Opie gets Georgie in by means of a blow to the solar plexus. Bobby sighs and says, "There's only one way I'm not going to kill you. You're going to tell me the truth about Luann." Georgie pleads ignorance and Bobby says, with a gentle incredulity that belies the volcanic anger in his expression, "You know nothing?" He shoves a gun barrel into Georgie's mouth and that is enough to get Georgie talking -- "I'll tell you the truth, but you can't kill me! You guys live by your word and shit, right?" Ha -- good one! But Georgie seems to believe it, so Bobby nods and plays along, all the while shaking with rage, and we get the truth: Georgie sent a few goons to rough Luanne up, and when she had the nerve to fight back, the beating went overboard and she died of her injuries. We cut to a heartbreaking shot of Bobby's face. Reader, that was the moment when I became convinced that Bobby lied to Big Otto about one key thing, and he really did love Luanne despite himself. Once Georgie finishes his tale, he points out that Bobby can't kill him. "I know," Bobby says, and he closes the trunk with a sigh that sounds nearly like a sob. Then he nods to Tig and Opie, who made no such promises. They perforate the trunk with bullets.

Back at the SAMCRO compound, those brothers who have been busy playing real-life Call of Duty with the cartel all get off their bikes, looking stunned and exhausted. Clay orders that Kozik's cut be taken back to Tacoma. Juice asks if Kozik has any family, and Chibs mutters, "Brother. San Diego, I think." Juice makes a face and stomps off; Jax orders Chibs to handle breaking the news to the brother at some point. He then turns to Clay and says, in a tone larded through with I TOLD YOU SO, "He almost made it out."

Clay has no response. Besides, he has just spotted Unser's truck pulling in (remember: Unser was there to pick up supplies to continue doctoring Piney's crime scene) and he knows there's another awkward conversation immediately in his future. So Jax catches up to Chibs and asks him to talk to Juice, noting, "He is making me very nervous."

Clay walks over to Unser and asks what he's doing on site. Unser says he's returning tools. Clay immediately asks, "Where is she? I know you saw her; prospects saw your truck at my house last night." Unser says, "Yeah -- she called. It's a natural reaction to reach out to a friend when someone tries to kill you." Clay rolls his eyes and calls Unser out on his Gemma-crush, but Unser's not rising to the bait. Clay tries the "My old lady is none of your business" tack and ends with, "Keep your secrets and I'll keep mine." Unser says matter-of-factly, "I know you killed Piney. I know you tried to kill Tara. My telling Jax what I know only hurts him. But I'm warning you, Clay -- and may whatever shit God I still believe in be witness to this -- you ever hurt Gemma again, I'll kill you." Clay drawls, "I guess cancer gives a man a certain resolve, huh? Benefit of an end date. Nothing more dangerous than a guy who already knows he's dead." We cut to Unser, who is almost smiling as he realizes that whatever he does, he's not going to be around for the consequences.

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