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(Oh, Juice -- this season's tragic figure. He gets the fatherly approval he needs, but it's all based on lies, and it's going to keep eating him up inside. And I still think Chibs is going to go down as a result of Juice's deal with Potter.)

At the clubhouse bar, Opie, Bobby Elvis and Tig are learning of Kozik's death. Tig is absently stroking Kozik's cut as he asks if Kozik went fast. Yes, but he knew what hit him, which is horrible. Bobby asks if everyone else is whole, and Clay triumphantly reports that the Lobos are finished. We shall see about that, but not immediately. It's time to talk about Georgie, and Tig breaks the bad news about the Charming Heights funding. Clay stalks off into the Church to go drink alone. Bobby brokenly says, "Georgie confessed to Luanne. It's done." Jax tells him to go visit Otto and give the man some closure, and Bobby nods that he will. Tonight, however, he is going to drink a lot in honor of Luanne.

Speaking of Big Otto, he's looking through the typed agreement. Save for the clause granting (founding SAMCRO member) Lenny some of the prison privileges that were revoked, everything's in there. Potter signs the agreement, and Otto says, "I'll tell the stories, but I'm not signing off on any transcripts until Lenny gets his privileges." Potter agrees. He then says, "I have to ask: If you're turning over the rest of your club, why the concern for Mr. Janowitz?" Otto shakes his head and says, "You wouldn't get it." Potter ruefully laughs and says, "I wish that wasn't true." He leaves Otto alone with his thoughts. (And personally: I think the reason Otto's watching out for Lenny is because he sees Lenny as the one brother he has left who did not betray him. He's sending a message to the rest of SAMCRO.)

Night, and Jax and Opie meet up outside the clubouse. Jax tells Opie, "Tara freaked out on me yesterday. Crazy shit. It's all coming to a head." Opie grunts that he's sorry, but he's sort of wrapped up in the reality of his marriage being over. Jax says he's sorry about that, and Opie asks, "Why?" "Because I wanted you to be happy," Jax says. "Oh, is that what you are?" Opie asks sharply. Jax calls him out on his pissiness, and Opie says, "When Donna wanted me out, I didn't stay 'cause of what you said. I stayed because I knew that trying to be anything else would be a lie -- and that's the worst thing a guy can do to his family." Jax looks off into the middle distance, trying to gather himself, before saying, "I didn't plan this, Ope. It just played out this way. I'm sorry. I never meant to lie to you." "And I'm sorry I believed you," Opie says. He then heads over to the office and bids Unser to toss him the keys to the tow truck. He's going to go grab his dad -- "I have a feeling he's in no condition to ride." Yes, one could say that. Unser decides it's probably a good idea to follow Opie out, and Tig watches them both go.

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