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Jax comes in, hugs Kozik -- who is sweet enough to ask how Tara is -- then asks Clay for a moment. The two head outside the barn, and Jax says, "I just saw my mom." "And," Clay says. It is not a question. Jax says, "She wouldn't tell me what happened, so I'm asking you." Clay deflects, "That's between me and my old lady." Jax is not planning on letting Clay off that easy. Clay tells him, "You want to pull off this exit strategy of yours, you better stop focusing on my domestic life and start focusing on the issue at hand." Jax doesn't say anything and lets Clay keep talking about how maybe Romeo's produced the guys who jumped Tara. Clay says, "I need you to keep your head in the game on all fronts. You understand?' Jax gives Clay a darkly amused look and says, "Oh, I'm focused. And this ain't finished." Clay stalks off to indicate that yes, it is.

When he goes back to the barn, Kozik exposits on the firearms the club's dealing: long-range sniper rifles, 50-caliber machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. It is enough weaponry to make one wonder if there is going to be anything living left in the Mexican state of Sonora by the time the Galindo cartel is done. Juice comments that the only time he's seen guns like these are in the computer games he plays -- "That's Call of Duty shit." All the older club members pretend Juice didn't just make a reference that sailed right over their technopeasant skulls, while Jax stands off to the side and wonders exactly how high the price for getting out really is.

Whoops! I spoke too soon about Gemma exiting the hospital. I guess she was taking the long way to Tara's room. As it happens, Tara's being rushed back into surgery post-freakout. Filthy Phil is trundling along behind the hospital bed like a dolorous thunderhead, and Gemma asks him what happened. "I don't know what happened, I swear! Some chick came with flowers, Tara said it was cool. She left a few minutes later, then I heard Tara screaming," Phil recaps. This young man has grown on me this season, if only because he's sort of what would happen if Lennie Small decided to prospect an MC. I hope to God we see him tending rabbits in Season Five. Gemma finds out who the mystery woman is by picking through the wreckage of the flowers and reading the card. (I would love to know what it says: "I'm taking back my son -- rest up! Love, Wendy"?) Phil asks, "Who was she?" and Gemma mutters, "Junkie whore." Oh, now THAT narrows it down in the SAMCRO universe.

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