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What is not awesome: the conversation between Opie and Lyla, where they mutually conclude their marriage is over. Lyla astutely points out, "Nothing's going to work, Ope. Not until she's dead." The older SAMCRO boys then drag Opie out of that conversation, thus ending the scene. I just feel sorry for Lyla; she spent the last two years and change as a ghost living in a dead woman's house.

We zip over to Money Shot Studios, where Georgie is doing a photo shoot to promote the premium sex dolls that Dondo told us about earlier. Georgie is draped all over two women who look as though they wish their silicon doppelgangers were doing this instead, and we see the dolls, which...well, I suppose if the idea of women with thoughts, and opinions, and free will, and respiration isn't your thing, then these will do. Tig leads the SAMCRO boys into the studio. Georgie calls out, "Hey, boys! Here to see me?" "No -- we're here to get some tasteful shots of our genitals," Tig shoots back. Bobby Elvis snaps, "Stop grinning, idiot. Your [slur for Asians] investor cut Hale a check." Georgie claims not to know anything about this, and as Bobby Elvis and Opie glower, growl and look intimidating, Tig quietly wanders over to a doll and begins poking at its face.

Bobby Elvis ushers Georgie out to clear up what is supposed to have a terrible misunderstanding, so it's on Opie to corral Tig. He calls out to the known pediophobe, "Hey! You all right?" Tig gasps, "I'm terrified. But I'm totally erect." Cue two porn starlets immediately checking out Tig's crotch. Opie rolls his eyes all, "This is not how I imagined I'd be spending my prime years," and Tig walks very carefully away from the dolls.

SAMTAC has arrived with the Irish pizza, AKA all the weaponry we saw earlier. Well, one never puts a rocket launcher in a barn in Act One ... Anyway, Jax and Chibs are soon back on the field and using those rocket launchers to raze the local ecosystem and the several dozen Mexicans who happen to have been hiding in it. Presumably, all the NorCal Lobos have now been wiped out. Once the shooting stops, all that's left is for Clay and company to try not to get blown up as they walk back across the mined field. Clay figures he can retrace his steps, but Juice just casually skips across the field in advance. Even Romeo is all, "...What?" Clay looks legitimately terrified. Once Juice gets across, he calls, "Clear" in an infinitely weary voice, and walks away. Chibs and Jax exchange a meaningful look.

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