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Tara Swore the Hippocratic Oath; Gemma Just Swore
. Nate sighs and says, "Days like these, that I can remember everything I usually forget -- these are the worst days. I was useless to her, Gemma. I couldn't even comfort her at the end." Gemma pauses a moment before gently asking, "You know Mom's gone?" Nate looks at her -- perhaps taken aback that Gemma's even had to ask the question -- and nods. Gemma continues, even more softly, "And, um, you know we're going to have to leave this place soon? Go ... someplace where people can take care of you?" Nate knows. Days like these really are the worst. Gemma leans in and puts her head on Nate's shoulder, whispering, "I'm sorry, Daddy." They sit there, unable to comfort one another.

Hey, remember how in season one, Oswald's daughter was raped by a carny, SAMCRO exercised a little biker vengeance and indebted Oswald to them for life, and then leaned on him in season two to post his property for the bail? I bet you Oswald remembers that entire chain of events now, because SAMCRO's just stopped by to break the news that they're jumping bail. Oswald takes it about as well as can be expected but, ever mindful of his mayoral run against Hale the Lesser, he asks for SAMCRO to distance themselves from him for a while. Since the boys are about to head up to Canada, that shouldn't be too hard, right?

Cameron's just been dropped where he's sure to be found. Not that Belfast doesn't look lovely from what we've seen so far and all that but man, every shot we've gotten has been really gray and dark. Either everyone we're being introduced to lives, vampire-like, between sundown and sunup, or the sun just never shines there. Is that it?

Amelia's dressed and ready to flee the basement. She grabs a knife and manages to ambush Gemma in the hall near the kitchen. Putting a knife to Gemma's throat, Amelia asks for the keys to Nate's car. Gemma stalls, and that's apparently enough time for Tara to come upstairs and knock Amelia silly with a statue to the head. Once Amelia's thrown off-balance, Gemma folds the aide's knife-bearing arm into her torso and slams Amelia into a wall. And thus, Amelia ends up stabbing herself with a little assist from Mrs. Morrow. She dies quickly. Tara freaks out kind of quickly. She gasps to Gemma, "She's dead." Gemma's somewhat shaken, but soon snaps into battle mode with a cold, "Her plan, not mine." Tara -- who is still woozy from her head wound -- is also more than a little nonplussed at what just happened.

Cut to Tig washing the knife with a lot of bleach and hot water, and he turns from the sink to wave the knife at Tara and Gemma while he scolds, "I leave you girls alone in here for ten minutes ..." (HA!) Gemma's got Tara wrapped in an afghan with a cold compress on her head, and the women concur that the club doesn't need to know about any of this. Tig tells her, "We better work fast. They're making a run for the Irish and they'll be up here tomorrow." Everyone thinks it over, and Tig gets a bright idea: "Bachman! Bachman's based out of Crescent City. He can be up here in an hour or so." Gemma asks, "The cleaner guy?" Yep. Tig says, "He's independent. He works for around two or three grand, but he is good." Tig heads off to call Bachman and distract Nate; Gemma says she and Tara will take care of Amelia. "We will?" Tara asks. Gemma looks down and snaps, "Hey, you're the one who decided her fingers needed to breathe. You don't want Jax to find out about this, we've got to handle it." Once that sinks in, Tara's up and retching over the kitchen sink. And despite her tough-love delivery, Gemma's there holding back Tara's hair and rubbing her back. Their relationship is fascinating.

Back in gloomy, nocturnal Belfast, we finally get the answer to the question that's been plaguing us since Season One: "Whatever happened to Half-Sack's girlfriend Cherry?" (Oh, let's be honest. Nobody's been asking that question.) It turns out Cherry's working as a shopgirl for Maureen. She's busy sweeping up the place as Mo's daughter Trinity comes stumbling into the shop and says, "Walking back from the depot, there were peelers everywhere. They found Cammy Hayes strangled, an Army tag on his head." Maureen doesn't react; Cherry very quietly whispers, "Shit." (I do wonder if a day goes by where she's not like, "And I thought running with a biker gang was a good idea because ...?") Maureen refuses to discuss it and tells Trinny to get upstairs and start her laundry. Loudly, and repeatedly, since Trinny's spoiling for an emotional confrontation. Just then, McGee -- one of the First Nine in SAMCRO and the president of the Belfast Charter -- and his VP O'Neill come in. McGee gives Trinny a hug and sends her on her way, then asks Maureen if she knew anything about Cammy's death. Mo lies like a pro. (John Teller had a type, didn't he?) O'Neil asks skeptically, "He was your kin. He didn't reach out to you?" Mo snaps back, "I've got 47 cousins. None of them reach out." McGee's staring at her like he doesn't believe a word she's saying. Once the men have left, Maureen locks the shop and asks Cherry to do something, mouth shut and no questions asked: Reach out to Charming and get Gemma Teller's phone number. Oh, someone is about to kneecap her priestly relative. Cherry promises to give Half-Sack a call. Oh, this will end well.

Outside Lin's restaurant, Clay's hanging out alone, sitting on one of the limos. Jax bounces over and tells him, "You're missing a sweet Asian buffet inside. All you can eat." Oooh, is there dim sum? I love those little dumplings with the shrimp and -- oh. Jax is being all sexist and referring to women as objects for consumption. Clay demurs with, "Your mom being away, it feels too much like cheating." Awww! Jax is amused, but then Clay continues, "I miss her so goddamned much." Jax concurs; he does too. Because Clay's actually demonstrated a sincere emotion, he then has to follow that up by saying, "I better get inside and get my dick sucked. I'm beginning to sound as whipped as you." Jax cordially invites Clay to blow him, and Clay hugs him with, "I love you too, son." I'm all heartwarmed by this exchange, but part of me wonders if Clay's rising to the occasion as paterfamilias now because it's a way to neutralize any opposition from Jax later.

Tara and Gemma have gotten Amelia's body down to the basement and laid out on a hospital bed. Jax calls right then, and Gemma orders Tara to talk to him. He asks, "So what was the crisis with Nate?" and Tara replies dryly, "You really want to know?" Jax, realizing he does not, drawls, "Shiiiit." Tara plows on: "Your granddad went off the rails a bit. Shot Tig, thinking he was an intruder ... he's okay, it's pretty much superficial." Good job not mentioning the late Amelia, Tara! Jax tells his old lady that he'll be up there tomorrow, so if she could just stay put, he'd appreciate it. Tara apologizes, "I'm sorry I left the way I did," and Jax replies, "It's okay. As long as everyone's safe." Tara's voice slides into a high panicky squeak as she looks over at Amelia and says, "Yeah. Everyone's fine."

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