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Liar, Liar, Nothing on Fire -- This Week

...To where Tara is smoking the kind of joint that would make Cheech and/or Chong say, "Damn, girl." Not at all alarmed that his sons' primary caregiver is more stoned than a farmwall in New England, Jax asks, "How'd it go today?" Tara says, "Otto reversed his RICO statement..." and Jax asks how. Tara says, "He killed a nurse. Brutally. Now the Feds will have to throw out his testimony." Jax is appalled that Otto did that around Tara. Oh, but it gets worse, Jax. Tara continues, "With a crucifix he gave LuAnn. He asked me to bring it to him. I did." Jax is appropriately horrified. Tara says, "He had it all planned, Jax. He saved the MC, but he needed to hurt you the way you hurt him, someone he loved. They're going to find how he got that murder weapon, who I am, why I was there. [tearily] He made me an accessory to murder."

Jax takes a moment to let this all sink in, then promises, "Babe. I'm not going to let that happen. Okay? We're going to get through this like we do everything else." Tara -- whose day has included waking up her son for no good reason, fielding a dream job offer she doesn't really deserve anymore, getting played for a fool by a homicidal maniac with a grudge, and now this -- leans in and takes Jax's face in her hands. She replies, "That's what scares me more the most." Then she gets up and weaves back toward the bedroom, and I hope like hell Thomas is on formula at this point, because the THC levels in Tara's breast milk would be enough to make pot brownies seem like real brownies.

Jax sits alone at his table, contemplating his next move.

Lisa Schmeiser wrote this recap, but she thinks your clicky-clicky time this week would be better spent skipping her Twitter stream in favor of checking out Staten Strong, per Staten Islander Theo Rossi.

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