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Liar, Liar, Nothing on Fire -- This Week

So Juice is escorted in Roosevelt's office and given the 411: "Jax knows it was you who gave up the club. You gotta get out of Charming -- now." Juice is horrified that Roosevelt ratted him out, but Roosevelt says, "Jax already knew it was you. I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do? Juice?" Juice hollowly lies, "No. No. I got it."

Now that Chibs has been filled in off-screen, he can sit in church with Jax and Bobby and have a middle-of-the-night meeting. Chibs looks like, all things considered, he'd rather have remained ignorant and in bed. Jax explains, "I had no choice, brother. The secret protected the MC. I'm sorry." Chibs says hoarsely, "I get it. Well, shit. It's all falling apart, isn't it, Jackie? It's turned to shit!" Jax pauses, puts on his Sincere Face, and vows, "Not for long. I see an end." Chibs reluctantly confesses that he knew about the leverage Roosevelt had on Juice and "I didn't want to say anything 'cause I didn't think he would give us up." Jax asks, "What is [the leverage]?" Chibs reluctantly replies, "His old man's black." Cut to Jax all That's a thing? Really, that's a -- oh, wow. So it is. Bobby Elvis speaks for many when he says, "You gotta be kidding me?" Chibs -- who appears to be the only one taking this very seriously -- says, "No. There's no paperwork. Idiot didn't know any better." Jax manages, "Maybe it's time we change a few by-laws." Bobby Elvis concurs. So! Having recognized that in Obama's America, men with black fathers and white mothers can make something of themselves, the bikers move on: What to do about Juice? (Answer: Nothing. For now. Later, "Let him hang himself," Jax decrees, saying that calling Juice out at the table can wait.)

Jax apparently made it home at some point, because Tara's crawling up him to kiss him good morning. That doesn't get his full attention like saying she'll try and see Otto today does. And then Jax is fully awake as Tara tells him Juice is playing with Abel in the living room.

As Jax rolls into the kitchen, his voice is unnervingly cheery as he asks if Juice would like coffee. Juice would not, probably because his heart rate is already at 200 beats per minute and he's threatening to vibrate through the walls out of sheer anxiety. "So what's going on?" Jax asks, still playing the charismatic idiot, and Juice calls him on it: "I know you know. Eli told me, hoping that I'd split. I got no place to go, Jax. No friends, no family. Things would turn to shit no matter where I went." Jax's I-mean-business voice, which is a full octave lower than his amiable-dolt voice, comes out to play: "I know about the leverage. Chibs. Why didn't you tell me?" Juice explains his entire plotline from last season and his motivations, and long story short, Jax lets him know that Juice can "earn" a "pardon" by doing everything Jax wants him to do. "I'll make sure your betrayal never hits the table. It stays between us." And Chibs. And Bobby Elvis. And Clay, whom Juice has conveniently omitted from this narrative.

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