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Liar, Liar, Nothing on Fire -- This Week

Jax explains to T.O. why they're there -- "We're looking for a guy named Hightower." "Large, black fellow," Chibs helpfully clarifies. "Looks like the word 'obey' should be pasted under his head," Tig adds, and who knew he was a fan of street art? Moving on... T.O. is more than familiar with Hightower for two reasons: Hightower's his cousin -- obviously from a much larger branch of the family tree -- and the man's just hired the club for protection. T.O. had not realized that the reason Hightower asked for protection was because he had killed Ope. Before this discussion can go any further, Hightower's shot at a few people -- felling a Grim Bastard, so it appears he's only got good aim when he's using a pipe -- and then headed out of the club. He hightails it in a van, knocking over all the Sons' bikes, and speeds off.

We transition to the prospects picking the bikes back up and T.O. sorrowfully stating, "We had no idea he was involved in Opie's death, man." Jax, who is incandescent with rage, shouts, "Well! Now you know!" T.O. protests, "He's blood, man. I can't just turn him over. There's got to be some way we can work this out." Jax gets shouty again and Bobby is all, "Jax, a word, please?"

Tig is all for "finding Fat Albert bashing his skull in," which should be Jax's first sign that the club should do the exact opposite of that since Tig is nothing if not a master of non-strategy. Bobby Elvis then provides the second sign by pointing out that the Sons have enjoyed a fruitful and productive business relationship with the Grim Bastards for twenty years, and throwing that away because Jax can't get his kill on at the exact minute he wants to would be a really bad idea. Jax appears to listen, and goes back to T.O. to say, "There were a couple of other guys with your cousin when he took out Opie. Why don't you let us talk to him? We'll get those names, throw him a beating, but we'll let him live." Because T.O. is not acquainted with the Season Five Jax who lies like a fine Persian rug and casually kills everyone he blames for anything, he agrees to this deal.

And now, the long, bald arm of the law! Unser stops by Roosevelt's to say, "You got a minute?" "For what?" Roosevelt asks. "The last piece of the puzzle," Unser says. Roosevelt's got a minute now.

Gemma and Tara meet up outside the prison. Gemma's hopped to on Tara's phone call and has gone through LuAnn's items in storage -- I swear, this club must have rented out an entire block at their local self-storage facility with all the dead people's belongings they apparently cling to -- and she hands over a magnificently ugly rosary. (Would now be a bad time to say how much I miss my childhood glow-in-the-dark rosary? I used to be convinced that if I was ever threatened by the minions of Satan who surely lived under the bed, all I'd have to do was wield my awesome glowing green beads and they'd recoil in holy terror.) Tara thanks Gemma and Gemma points out that the prison guards aren't going to let him have the rosary. As she holds the giant, pointy-stabby end of the cross, Tara blithely says she knows, but it's obvious she's not thinking like a deranged widower biker with a chip on his shoulder. Gemma also notices the doctor's coat and badge, which gives her just enough information to be dangerous later when she decides she's done dancing to Jax's tune. I, for one, think it will be glorious when from Hell's heart, Gemma strikes at Tara: The Worst. But for now, relations between Tara and Gemma are still on the chilly side of cordial.

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