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Liar, Liar, Nothing on Fire -- This Week

Clay's set up a meeting with Romeo and Luis to let them know he's on to the RICO case and he's figured out the exact particulars of the Season Four denouement, including the CIA involvement. "What Federal agency could be that devious and that manipulative?" Clay asks. "Education!" Luis shoots back. I kid. BUT OH HOW I WISH IT HAD BEEN SO. Clay then outlines Jax's current scheme: "I think Jax is pushing to kill the RICO case. Which means I go away, the guns go away, and you go away. He's getting to Delaney, the guy who gave 'em history." Romeo and Luis assess this and ask Clay what he wants: "I want protection. When the MC gets out of the picture, you're going to need me. I've got the Galen connection. Him and me will put together a crew, we'll keep the guns flowing your way. Then all you'll need is a mule for your cocaine." Romeo says the MC stays in the picture, on account of their fine work, but Luis cuts in, "But you're right -- if push comes to shove, we'd need you more than Jax." Romeo shrugs, "Out with the new, in with the old. Jax goes away, you get the MC back, everything stays in place." Clay's not having it: "I ain't gonna make that deal." "Sure you are," Romeo says cheerily. He walks off and Luis says, "We'll be in touch." Well, there goes Clay's bid to make a big, showy retirement from the club, then take out his erstwhile "brothers." The cartel has spoken.

Since Jax is in the Oakland neighborhood, it's time for his latest MBA seminar with Damon Pope. He passes over the Charming Heights prospectus and casually mentions that the principle backer is indebted to him. "Good for you," Pope smiles as he pages through. Jax does a self-deprecating pitch -- he doesn't know if it's a good investment so he wanted to run it by Damon, but the mayor is desperate, which is good for leverage. Pope approvingly says, "Thinking beyond the street." "Taking your lead, man," Jax says. Pope is done with the mutual admiration portion of the meeting and inquires as to when he might be able to lay his hands on Tig, as Christmas is drawing near and he finds himself in need of a Yule log. Jax makes the sadface about this, then fills Damon in on another development: "I found out who the insider is who's trying to hurt us: Clay Morrow... my stepfather. I'm still putting together the pieces on how to bring him down, but it's going to be soon. When that happens, you can have Traeger. You have my word." Pope warns, "I'm expecting 'soon' to be soon. If not, I intervene and that's bad for everyone. Oh, yeah -- the guy you're looking for, the one who killed your friend? He's at the boatyard. Canal and Hayward." Having successfully punched all of Jax's buttons regarding guilt, escape, obligation and fear, Pope disappears, presumably to prep his fire pit.

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