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Liar, Liar, Nothing on Fire -- This Week

Juice pulls up at T-M, Jax menaces him about finding those papers ("Ticking clock, Juice. Soon.") in a manner not unlike that in which Pope threatened him, and as he goes to roll away, Juice calls, "What happens when I do (find the papers)? To Clay?" Jax comes over and says, very quietly, "The same thing that happens to you if you don't find it." This really seems like a dumb negotiating strategy, if only because it's screamingly obvious that Clay has a very strong hold over Juice, and thus Juice is not going to be what anyone could call "all in." Jax should be asking himself instead what it is that Clay has that Juice wants, and working to provide that, not saying, "Help me kill your father figure or I'll kill you." Because I don't think Juice values his own life to the point where he's willing to kill someone he obviously loves.

Anyway, after Jax displays that stunningly bad judgment, he and Unser exchange some small talk along the lines of "So, have you found me anything I can use to kill Clay?" "No. You found anything on Frankie?" "...No." And then Jax says, "You know I'm going to expect some labor in exchange for space." "I'll work on my pole dancing," Unser promises.

Whoosh! We're at Gemma's. She comes out of her bathroom in black satin pajamas, but Clay's sitting on the bed fully dressed. He says, "I know how bad I hurt us, Gem. I guess, uh, I guess I'm just surprised I'm even back here at all." Gemma sits next to him and he takes her hand. Gemma's face tightens up again. Clay continues, "You don't have to believe this, Gem, but it's true. The only good that came out of all the chaos I created is that it showed me the one thing I cared about, the only thing I cared about, is you, baby." Gemma is not quite sure what to do with that. (Remember: she was also not quite sure what to do when Nero was so honest with her about his feelings. I would love to know if JT was also prone to bouts of awkward honesty.) Clay continues, "I don't want to do this, be here, unless it's really something you want." And that statement cracks Gemma's reserve and her face softens. Clay says, "I can't handle losing you twice, but judging how Gemma's attached herself to his face, he may not have to." I'm wondering if Clay's speech just pushed Gemma onto Team Clay Will Kill My Son And His Wife And Give Me Custody Of The Kids.

Jax pulls up at his house and notices Roosevelt parked in the front. He asks about Juice, and Jax says, "He's at the clubhouse with the guys." "How? You suddenly struck with a conscience?" Roosevelt asks. "No more than you, sheriff," Jax smirks. Roosevelt says, "Don't compare our guilt!" and Jax points out, "Hey, brother, once you cross that line there is no comparing. There's just that side of the line. Don't worry about Juice. I'll take care of him too." Roosevelt rolls his eyes, because he is all too aware that "take care of" does not mean "bring a six pack over and sit in noncommittal silence until Juice feels comfortable enough to hug it out." Then the two agree that Clay's awful, but Roosevelt warns, "I'm not going to let this one end up back in the dead of a Ford, okay?" Jax says, "I'm open to suggestions," pats Roosevelt's shoulder, and heads inside...

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