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The Road Through Charming Is Paved with Good Intentions

In a hushed voice, Jax calls for the first vote: "All in favor of Clay losing his patch." It is unanimous, as it has to be. The second vote: "As far as the mayhem goes, let's hear pros and cons." (How cowardly to refer to murdering your erstwhile "brother" as "mayhem.") Chibs speaks, "He's a traitor. I ain't buying this 'humble for the good of the club' bullshit. He's done." Nobody else pipes up, so Jax brings the vote: "All in favor of Clay Morrow meeting Mr. Mayhem." Chibs unhesitatingly votes yes; Tig looks long and hard at Jax as though reminding himself why he has to vote yes, then rasps his yea vote. Happy is committed. Phil is for it. Juice looks like a manga heroine, his eyes are so big and round and shiny with tears, but he votes yes. And then Bobby blackballs the vote.

Jax is silent as he bangs the gavel. Chibs groans, "I'll go get 'im." But no -- Jax is going to Clay.

Once he's out in the garage, he throws Clay through a table and attempts to strangle him. Jax then proceeds to beat the bejeesus out of Clay -- it takes Chibs, Tig and Juice to pull him back in -- as Gemma and Unser watch, both unsurprised.

Jax is then in his office. Bobby comes in and Jax correctly alleges, "You made a deal with him behind my back." Bobby throws down Clay's cut and explains, "We couldn't prove shit. We both know that. And there's no way you would... could let Clay sit at this table. Me either. The shit he's done, he needed to go away. If I didn't make this deal, you would have killed him as soon as we finished this deal with Galen, and you would have done it behind the club's back." Jax looks at Bobby all, "...And this is, oh what is the word I'm searching for? Wrong? That's it! This is wrong somehow?" Bobby continues, "Do that once, next time it becomes a little easier. Before you know it, this thing we have is pointless." And you know, I appreciate his logic on account of being able to point to Clay and say, "Exhibit A -- see how Clay's picked off three of the First Nine," except... see how Clay's already picked off three of the First Nine. This thing is already pointless; the real tragedy of the show is how committed these guys are because they don't have a better option.

Bobby claims he did this so that Jax wouldn't turn into Clay, but the spoiled boy-king shoutily inquires (shinquires? Inshouts?) "How is letting Clay walk the right thing?" Bobby only replies, "I know you see it as a betrayal. I took that risk because I love you. And this club needs you. We're broken." Jax grits, "I've had a hard time feeling any love or brotherhood since Opie died." Bobby whispers, "You just lost your way a bit, brother." Jax begs to differ: "I found it, finally. Opie was right. [tearily] The gavel corrupts. You can't sit in this chair without being a savage... You don't know shit. You counsel from fear. You want me moving in comfortable, cozy circles and I can't do that. You should go."

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