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The Road Through Charming Is Paved with Good Intentions

Meanwhile, Tara's decided to begin her estate planning ASAP, and her first action item is to call in Wendy, apologize indirectly for how the last conversation went, and work around to sort of asking Wendy to be the guardian of her boys if something happens to her and Jax. She concludes by saying that Wendy's welcome to go visit Abel in daycare; Tara put her on the list. Wendy hugs her and heads out. On a totally shallow note, whomever did the hair and makeup for both women in this scene killed it -- both Wendy and Tara look healthy and well-groomed, and while it's obvious that this is a metaphor for how these women are taking control of their lives (contrasted to, say, Gemma or Carla), that doesn't make it less fun to look at.

Oh, Christ, it's the Irish. I love this show, y'all know that, but I am forever grateful for the fact that the most Irish-intensive storyline that ever took place coincided with the first six weeks of my daughter's life, and so those episodes have the entertaining, surreal quality of a fever dream. Now that I'm (slightly) better rested and have (a few more of) my faculties intact, I just find this Jmmy O-less crew so goddamned boring.

Not even the part in this scene where the cartel loses patience with Galen's horse puckey and just takes the guns they want can liven up my Irish-induced ennui. Ho hum, more alpha male posturing and gunplay, la di da.

Back the ranch, Juice is packing up Clay's stuff. Jax calls him and says, "You with Clay? Good. Listen up closely." We do not get to hear what is so important. (We'll probably find out next week.)

Zip! We're watching Nero get back into the thug life, thanks to a briefing by the luckless Fiasco and his pal Arcadio, who is played by Dave Navarro. (I almost did not recognize him on account of how little eyeliner he was wearing; the man loves a smoky eye.) Nero looks troubled to discover how empires crumble in one's absence.

Zip! We're over at The Best Little Whorehouse in Charming, where Lyla appears to have moved seamlessly into the hostess/madam position as she's got the hair and makeup of a lady in control. Gemma comes in, asks about Nero, and heads back to the kitchen to complicate poor Nero's life further. Nero is not thrilled to see Gemma, especially since she's asking for a favor: Might the hooker-loving doctor Nero has on call be willing to look at Clay? "What'd you do to him?" Nero asks bitterly. Gemma says softly, "It's not me, it's Jax. Clay got drummed out of the club this morning. Jax gave him a going-away beatdown." Nero is a tad cynical about all this, wondering if Gemma is maybe lining up a new gangster partner with better prospects than her old one. Gemma's all, "..." because really, what can she say? Other than "I was told to whore myself out or never see my grandkids again." ANYWAY. Nero's all messed up inside, which is like catnip to Gemma, and then he asks if Gemma really meant it when she said she loved him. Her face goes soft when she says that she did, but before we can see some middle-aged face suckage, Lila interrupts and tells them everyone needs to go into the clubhouse for lockdown because once again, the Irish are on the warpath.

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