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The Road Through Charming Is Paved with Good Intentions

Juice has finished packing up Clay's place, and Clay asks him to let Happy know, "I'm taking out the ink tonight. We'll do it at T-M, so there's no doubt it's been done." He also hands over a satchel of "vintage club shit" for Juice, making a big deal of handing over a gun to Juice that Piney had given to him. "It's my way of saying thanks," Clay says. Juice just looks teary, as he so often does. Tig comes over right then and invites Clay over for lockdown. Clay goes to demur with, "Jax don't want me --" and Tig says, "I don't give a shit about that. You're not safe here. Let's go."

Jax has come to the hospital with Chibs to grab Tara and the boys for lockdown -- an Irish goon sneaking in behind him -- and on the way to Tara's office, he notices Wendy chatting with Abel by a vending machine. Jax skids to a halt in the hall and you can see the thought bubble reading, "What the actual f***?" floating over his head. He calls out to Abel -- who runs to him -- and barely manages to keep his temper in check when he tells Tara to buckle up for the conversation they're about to have outside. Jax heads back to daycare and Tara heads out past Chibs, who looks like he is not so keen on Jax's decision-making here. As Wendy walks out, she passes right by the Irish goon, who follows her.

In the parking lot, Chibs asks Jax, "You really want to do this now?" as tires squeal in the background. And whoops, guess who just got abducted? Jax speaks for us all with, "Shit."

Tara enters her office and Lee Toric introduces himself. (Creepy! Delightfully so!) He says, "My family and I are out here for the funeral. I knew you were there when it happened. I just wanted to talk to you." Tara murmurs, "Of course. Please, sit down. What can I do to help?" Toric then says he just wants to fill in the blanks on what happened. Tara says, "He threw her into a wall and knocked her out. She was unconscious when he... he stabbed her in the throat. I'm sure she didn't feel anything." "And he did that with a cross?" Toric asks. Tara says, "Yes. She bled to death from puncture wounds. I wish I could have done more." Toric continues to ask questions, Why did Otto attack Pam Toric, how many times Tara had treated Otto, how well did Tara know Otto, how well did Jax know him? Tara asks, "Who are you?" and Toric says, "I already told you. I'm the guy who lost his little sister." He also happens to be a U.S. Marshall, and this was the point in the episode where I exclaimed involuntarily, "Please let there be a Justified crossover!"

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Sons of Anarchy




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