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Liar, Liar, Ants on Fire

Back at Satan's workshop (see what I did there? Har-de-har-har), Jax has just gotten off the phone with Miles. He starts figuring out how to divide the labor: Opie and Filthy Phil will come with him to handle this Kozik screw-up, Juice will tend to Chibs, the prospects will continue building crates and Tig will hang out in case Clay needs his ammo. Tig decides he'd rather go with Jax, arguing, "If there's a problem with those guns, I should be there." Well, he is sergeant-at-arms, so why not argue that "arms" encompasses many meanings and have done with it? Let's do so.

At the Wahewa rez, Clay and Bobby Elvis are getting off their bikes, and Bobby Elvis goes on the offense with, "I know you didn't bring me out here for my vast knowledge of projectiles." Clay admits it's because he wants to talk to Bobby Elvis alone, and makes his pitch: "The beating we took over these last few years set us way back --" "Part of the life. I didn't join this club to get rich," Bobby Elvis says. Clay continues, "Ain't about getting rich. It's about getting whole. The club needs an infusion." Bobby Elvis stops short and asks bluntly, "How did you get the boy to sign off on this? Drugs nearly killed his firstborn. He's changed. He's gone waaaaaay inside. I don't know what pushed him there, maybe it was the time --" "Maybe it was me," Clay snarls. The glasses are off and his easy affability is disappearing before our eyes. Bobby Elvis says that Clay and Jax are hardly interchangeable, and Clay says, "But he sure knows what's best for this club." Bobby Elvis asks Clay to cut the "for the sake of this club" crap and notes, correctly, "You're sprinting for the door, stuffing your pockets before it slams shut. I get that. But what's Jax get out of it?" Stung, Clay replies that he doesn't give a crap what Bobby Elvis thinks of him, but "I'll tell you what Jax gets out of it, because that's what I brought you out here to talk about. The only thing is, I need for this to stay between you and me, you understand? Because Jax doesn't want anybody to know about this. I need your word." Bobby Elvis semi-nods. Clay continues, "Jax wants out. He's got two sons. He's got an old lady he loves. He's done." Bobby Elvis realizes the terms: "He backs the drugs, you let him out clean. What's that got to do with me?" Clay tells him, "You're the guy I endorse to replace me... it's not about any vote [for the drugs]. I'm handing you the gavel because you're the best guy for the job. If you want it. I'm giving you my word." This will, I imagine, come as news to Jax because so far as he knows, Clay agreed to give the gavel to Opie. A lissome young woman then comes over and tells the guys that if they're looking for Charlie, they need to head over to the south corner of the rez.

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Sons of Anarchy




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