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Liar, Liar, Ants on Fire

Back at the reservation, Charlie is not too pleased that the Russian's already dead. Clay shrugs, "Not sure what happened. He came to a little bit, gasped, and went out." "Ayup, it was quick," Bobby Elvis avers. Charlie says, "Family's going to be disappointed. He should have suffered at least another two days." Hands up, everyone who thinks that Charlie knows exactly what happened. Clay makes metaphorical allusions to the Wahewa with "Maybe the ants were a little hungrier than you thought." Charlie calls him out: "Yeah. Like all of us." Clay takes off his glasses so he'll seem extra-sincere, then says, "Look, Charlie, I don't know what you heard or what you think you might know, but we got the same deal going with the cartel as we did with the Russians. We're not making a dime more off your ammo. You got my word." Cut to Bobby Elvis realizing that he was played as shamelessly as Clay's playing Charlie. (For the record, Charlie agrees to continue making ammo under the same terms.)

Zip! We're in Bakersfield and Happy's driving the kids' car back into a deserted alley. He's eschewed turning on the radio so he can listen to the sweet, sweet music of the boys screaming from the trunk where they've been locked up. The other guys all loom over the trunk, but the boys persist in lying about the whole gun thing. Kozik pulls up right then, sees the kid he was playing ball with, and hauls him out of the trunk for a beatdown. Tig grabs the other guy and performs his idea of community service: "Listen to me! You see this guy there? He's cracked three of my ribs giving me a hug. Now, he is going to shatter your boy's face unless you give [the location of the truck] up." The child folds, much to Happy's disgust. He says, "We sold it to Vivica. Luther only gave us half the cash. We were headed to get the rest when y'all spotted us. The money's in the glove box. The truck's on Langley." Jax rolls his eyes, all, I gotta deal with a maternal criminal mastermind at home, and now here? He orders the boys back in the trunk, he dispatches riders off to check on the trunk, and then heads to Vivica's to see if she's lying or if the boys are.

Back in Charming, Chibs and Juice are coming out of the Clear Passages dispensary. Chibs is a convert: "That was crazy. I just saw some stuff in there I ate when I was seven years old. I'm a hundred pounds lighter. I'm a brand new man." Minutes later, the new man and Juicy are up against the wall courtesy of San Joaquin's finest, and because Juice was holding a dime bag, he's hauled in for parole violation. Juice, you amiable idiot.

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Sons of Anarchy




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