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How to Get a Head in Business Without Even Trying
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The episode opens with the crack of a branch, the sinuous rattle of chains, the shot of Juice's shocked face as he lands on the ground and begins gasping for breath. Since Juice's next act is to throw off the chain, I'm guessing he's changed his mind about the merits of killing himself.

As Juice is struggling to his feet, he hears two bikes approaching. It's Tig and Chibs. Juice goes to meet them -- leaving the chain behind. He lies about having taken a leak in the woods, and Chibs notes that Juice is covered in mulch. He then notes the big chain burn on Juicy's neck, and Juice "laughs" it off with "Oswald, man. He's got these stupid security chains all over these back roads." Tig cackles delightedly: "You clotheslined one? Jackass." Chibs looks a tad more skeptical. The older men break it to Juice that he's needed for vote. "Drugs?" Juice says hopefully. Tig gives him a sharp look and replies, "Change in leadership." As the other guys turn away, we see Juice's smile -- which never reached his eyes anyway -- fall into dismay.

At the Teller-Knowles house, a knock on the door wakes up a sleeping Rat. He checks the door (rifle in hand) and freezes in front of it. Tara comes over; it's obviously morning, and she's in the middle of Thomas's wake-up routine. She checks the peephole in the door, and then whispers to Rat that he needs to hole up in the back room, well out of sight. Tara opens the door to Roosevelt, who smoothly apologizes to Tara for the hour, then explains that Margaret called the sheriff's office and turned over a copy of the note. Roosevelt holds it up and blandly notes, "She's convinced you did receive a death threat." Thomas picks this moment to cutely burrow into Tara's shoulder; she pats his back and stares blankly at the sheriff.

Then -- zip! -- we're in the kitchen and Tara's explaining that she didn't take the threat seriously. Roosevelt asks, "Then why did the MC post someone here to watch you? There's a bike outside. I'm assuming he's somewhere in the back, armed." Tara gives Roosevelt a flat look and replies, "The answer to that question will require a warrant." Roosevelt shoots back, "You really got it down, don't you?" And just like that, he's let Tara know that there's a line in his mind dividing the criminal underclass from normal civilians, and Tara's just landed on a very specific side of the line. Tara knows this too and tries to scramble back over: "I appreciate your concern, Sheriff --" Roosevelt's not having it: "It's more than concern. It's a legal obligation. So I'm going to post a unit outside, and I'll coordinate with the hospital security." Thomas picks that time to coo, and Roosevelt can't help smiling at him before saying, "It's more than just your safety at stake. But I'm sure you knew that." He leaves Tara standing in her kitchen. With any luck, the good doctor is wondering when her brain broke and she accepted her homicidal mother-in-law as the arbiter of what was best for the kids.

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