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How to Get a Head in Business Without Even Trying

Juice is trying to clean up the chain that he left behind from his previous night's folly, and Chibs sneaks up on him in the dark. Juicy tries to play it off with a goofy "You scared me, man," but Chibs takes in the chain, the broken branch and the terror on Juice's face. He goes from somberly curious to furious in the blink of an eye and lunges for Juice with a screamed "Jay-sus! What the hell are you doing? You coward!" Juice rolls over on the ground, sobbing, while Chibs sits down and tries to reign in his feelings. After a moment, he pulls Juice to his feet, then lets the boy sob on his shoulder.

So! It turns out that Clay is paying Piney a visit. After a short sequence in which Piney shakes Clay down for every weapon on his person, Clay comes in, keeping his weapon trained on Clay. The conversation goes thusly: Clay wants "more time" because things with Galindo get tricky, and when Piney snorts that means more death, Clay protests he's trying to do the right thing. Piney gets self-righteous: "The right thing for you, you mean. That's all you've ever done at the head of that table. Lead by greed." Clay asks, "If you hated me so much, why'd you sponsor me? Patch me in?" Piney bitterly says, "Because back then, you could be trusted." Hands up, all of you who believe that. Now hands up, all of you who believe that Piney's inability to accurately judge people has been a lifelong liability.

Clay then lets Piney know he doesn't really see this whole letters-hanging-over-his-head thing ending well, but says he'll call Parada and "If there's retaliation, blood's on your hands." He makes a show of leaving, but just as Piney goes to lock the door, Clay bursts back through, knocking Piney to the ground. As Piney struggles to get back up -- being knocked off your feet plus emphysema will slow you -- Clay tosses his place for the letters. As Piney gets to his feet, he says the letters aren't in the cabin. Clay realizes Tara's still got them. "How would Tara know?" Piney bluffs, but Clay says that Tara's the one who gave Piney the letters. Piney pleads, "Just leave her out of it, huh?" "Too late," Clay snarls, and blasts Piney through the chest. It's a tragic death: While Piney has been acting suicidal -- it seemed obvious he was tired of living and didn't mind using his own life as a bargaining chip to steer the club onto another track -- he died knowing that Clay was going after Tara and the club would never see those damn letters.

After making sure Piney's really dead, Clay dips his fingers in the blood, then heads over to a framed picture of the Founding Nine. He looks at it for a moment, then writes "LS" in Piney's blood. If he thinks this will fool anyone into thinking the Lobo Sonora did this... well, given SAMCRO's collective deductive faculties, it'll probably work. The episode ends with Clay walking off screen and the camera moving to Piney's hunched back. His cut is soaking through with blood; the reaper on the back now has real blood on the scythe.

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