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How to Get a Head in Business Without Even Trying

Across town, Jax and Opie are sitting outside Teller Morrow motors watching Piney roll in. Jax dryly comments that there was no way Piney was going to proxy this vote. He then asks if Opie's talked to his old man. Opie curtly says he has not, then quickly changes the subject: "So what happens if Bobby takes this vote?" Clambakes for all, that's what happens. Jax mutters, "Short term, not much he can do. Pulls us away from Galindo, the risk is too big?" Right then, Clay opens the door to the office and strides out to survey his kingdom. Behind him, Gemma appears, followed shortly by a hail of anvils, each bearing the legend, "Did you get the symbolism yet?" (And this is why Jax is not a Clay or even a JT in training. Tara's not backing him. This show will play out in one of two ways: She'll be beaten into accepting that she can't be a civilian any more and become the new Gemma, then Jax will ascend to the head of the club; or, she'll pull away and Jax will falter on his own because he's got nobody to build him up in private.)

Anyway, Jax continues fishing for Opie's voting preferences, and explains why he's backing Clay: "Look, I know it's dirty, bro, but he's getting us whole. Eventually we're less desperate, making smarter choices." The camera cuts away to Clay before we can see Opie break into gales of disbelieving laughter. The president growls, "Let's vote this shit," and heads into the clubhouse.

Opie rises to greet his father. And holy cow, I had no idea Piney was that tall; he actually makes Opie look people-sized. Piney stops to look at his son and the look on Opie's face is heartbreaking; it's a little boy who desperately wants his daddy. No wonder Opie ran away from Mary at age 16 -- he's wanted his father's attention all his life. Piney caresses Opie's face, then says, "I'm sorry, son." Opie replies, "I love you, Pop. I'm with you on this." They hug, and we see Piney blinking back tears.

In church: The vote begins on whether Bobby should take the gavel. Clay votes nay. He turns to look at Tig, who gives him a long, unhappy look in response before finally saying, "Nay." Bobby winces a little. (Remember: Those two were cellies in Stockton.) The camera moves to Chibs, and we have a still, quiet moment before Chibs is saved from having to vote by virtue of the entire clubhouse getting sprayed by automatic gunfire. Everyone dives for the floor. Happy, naturally, is the first to the safe and begins tossing guns to everyone else.

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