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How to Get a Head in Business Without Even Trying

Alvarez heads off, presumably to lie to Pedro, and Clay heads back into the barn to rally the troops. His idea of exhorting men to hang out and wait to be shot at by military-trained drug thugs is to tell everyone, "We got to roll as one into this, or else we're all dead. And by 'we,' I mean 'you people,' because I will be spending the evening swanning about a garden party fundraiser. RHIP, motherf***ers." Clay also tosses a few barbs at Bobby Elvis in re: the leadership vote and Bobby Elvis is all, "I look forward to seeing who survives long enough to vote," and thus everyone scatters silently out of the barn. This gives Jax and Opie some more male bonding time. Opie mentions that he's going to ride out to his mom's to see those small humans he's still legally responsible for, and Jax says he'll ride out to check in with Piney. Jax then says, "I'm sorry, man. I never thought muling would lead to this shit." And I realize it would be the rare biker who listens to All Things Considered or reads The Economist, but man, the ruthlessness with which the Mexican drug cartels operate has already been incorporated into CSI episodes; it's percolated into the lowest common denominator of pop culture, so it would take an exceptionally blinkered individual not to realize that getting in bed with -- oh. This IS Jax we're talking about. Never mind. Anyway, Opie has an "the only way out is through" philosophy, which is both admirable and baffling when you consider everything that club's done for him.

Back at the clubhouse, Officer Cane (he was the guy who pulled everyone over in the season opener) decides that wearing a badge means he can shake Chuckie down for some free chili. What happens next is basically a redo of the barbecue scene in Fried Green Tomatoes, only instead of Sapphic Southern belles serving up abusive ex-husbands as barbecue to the cops, we have compulsively masturbating criminal accountants serving braised biker head to cops. Also, before anyone begins bleating about spoilers for Fried Green Tomatoes: That movie came out in 1991. If you have not made time to see it in the past twenty years, then you deserve to be spoiled.

Outside the clubhouse, Gemma walks across the courtyard and sees Tara sitting at a table. Tara tersely says, "I've been pulled [from the surgical rotation]. Apparently, my hospital feels my presence there is a threat." Gemma swears in commiseration. Tara then stops looking so angry and starts looking confused. "Am I crazy, Gemma?" ... she asks the lady who is hip deep in biker intrigue and is rapidly breast-stroking toward the diving well of skullduggery. Tara asks, "Why do I believe him when he says it'll get better?" Gemma replies, "Because he means it. No-one saw this coming, baby." Except for everyone who saw this coming and voted against it. Tara says, "I am trying this his way, I really am." Gemma acknowledges this, and once again, the scene is really about Tara seeking approval from the woman who is, for better or worse, the maternal figure in her life. And she'll get it if she follows Gemma's recipe: "We pull through and we stick it out. That's what family does." Gemma then coaxes her up by tugging her along to check on the chili.

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