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How to Get a Head in Business Without Even Trying

Headliess hijinks! Gemma stirs it and up comes up a head. Chuckie sprints over with, "Hey! Gemma! Hey! It's not ready!" Gemma says, with only slight surprise in her voice, "Heeeeey. Did you follow the recipe?" "I had to add a few things of my own," Chuckie says. Gemma gives him a nervous smile and says, "I can see that." Tara asks eagerly, "Is it spicy?" and as she pulls off the lid, Gemma slams it down with, "Very. It actually made my eyes burn." Chuckie says, "I probably got in over my head." Gemma starts pushing Tara out of the kitchen with, "Yeah, you know, it's an old family recipe. It's a delicate process. I probably should have made it myself. Why don't you take it up to the reservation? I think Happy likes it that hot." And as the ladies leave the kitchen, I thank my lucky stars that I do not like chili. "I accept that," Chuckie says.

Now we're at the fundraiser, which seems to be doing okay despite the lack of spicy, Latino-flavored chili. Elliott Oswald meets up with Clay, as Clay has a proposal: the two of them kick in the $75,000 necessary to save the Charming gardens. Clay explains: "Charming needs a hero, Elliott. Hale's backing on Charming Heights is going to fall apart. Next time the eminent domain vote comes before city council, it's got to lose." Nightmare visions of zeroed-out bank accounts racing through his head, Oswald angrily says, "You promised me you wouldn't shit on this, Clay!" Clay continues: "We sway public opinion against Hale, he loses the 99 on-ramp and all that land reverts back to you. We all win." Oswald protests that Hale will find another way. Clay dismisses that: mayors have a two-year term and Hale's already squandered a year funneling policy into his own pocket. Oswald asks, "Where are you going with this?" and Clay lays it out: "I ain't going anywhere. That's the point. I know who I am, what I do. Keeping Charming the way it is, that's what I get out of this. I got no agenda here. I just want my town back." I'm thinking what Clay wants is a rollback of the last 30 years' worth of public policy and/or economic changes.

Meanwhile, Jax heads over to Piney's impressive spread. (Seriously: It's all river rock walls and a gorgeous hardwood porch, and it is the most persuasive argument for crime I have ever seen on this show.) Piney and his firearm inquire as to whether or not Jax is "on task, or is this a social call?" Jax says he's just checking in. Naturally, Piney does NOT take this opportunity to tell Jax about the existence of the letters, because heaven forfend anyone on this show communicate useful information in a timely manner. Instead, he just spouts more twaddle about Saint John Teller. Jax isn't having it, and he shouts at Piney that he does agree that the club has lost its way, but believing one man can change that dysfunction is ridiculously arrogant and/or suicidal. Piney shouts, "Defeat is not what killed your father!" but does not add, "It was Clay and Gemma" ...because I guess the breakfast tequila has killed the portion of his brain that used to exercise common sense? Jax then babbles something about how "this" isn't about Clay, but about Jax figuring out what he has to do today to stay alive to tomorrow, and he's doing it for his family. Piney once again invokes JT, and honestly, if he's going to burnish JT's halo with "he's the best man I ever knew, and before you let him die, you should know that for yourself," then PASS ON THE FREAKIN' LETTERS ALREADY.

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