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Juice Can't Concentrate

Inside, Tara's operating with Chibs as her assistant. His first job: to offer Alvarez a cigarette. Juice comes in, and Clay asks why Juice shows up. The young biker answers, "Chibs told me to come back. We're on lockdown." He is walking awfully well for someone who had a bullet dug out of his quadricep not 24 hours before." Clay sighs, orders Tig to call Tacoma to get them to guard the warehouse (apparently, he thinks Happy isn't a sufficient one-man killing machine?) and sends Juice back to the warehouse.

Gemma comes over to watch the Dr. Tara show, and Clay asks her how Tara's doing. Gemma replies that she's scared, and then asks Clay if the threat is real. Butter wouldn't melt in the man's mouth as he replies, "I don't know." The entire exchange is not lost on Bobby Elvis, who most certainly thinks that a) Tara is in danger and b) it is all connected to the cartel business. Gemma then focuses on Opie, asking where Lyla and the kids are. Answer: conveniently off-screen. Bobby Elvis decides that he and Opie can go pay a call to Lyla at work.

Clay then decides that what Alvarez needs at the moment is the third degree: Who did the shooting? Why did they want to shoot at you? What could they possibly want (besides everyone dead)? Juice, who has been watching this whole thing, looks very freaked out by the bullet and the blood -- something that is not lost on Chibs. As Tara gives Alvarez a local and begins digging around the injury, Alvarez asks her, "What happened to you? Jax was very concerned." Tara blows him off with, "Ask them. I have to disinfect." So it's left to the guy who has actually put out the hit on Tara to explain that she found a death threat. Juice's eyes bug out, and Alvarez mutters, "Shit. I've been hearing rumors [that] Galindo lost a hit squad last week. Found them butchered and burned." Tig asks, "So you're saying that this might be the other cartel, Lobo Sonora?" Clay pooh-poohs that idea, rumbling that surely Romeo would have given them the heads-up, and everyone in the room is too freaked out to rebut that Romeo did not exactly send out an email to everyone all "SUBJECT: Dead hit squad -- whoops." Just as Tara heads back into view, Juice blurts out, "Targeting families is what drug cartels do." We see Clay wince and roll his eyes, and given how this is a problem of his own making, all I can say is: Ha HA.

Jax picks right then to call. Since Tara's wrist-deep in gore, Chibs handles the call. Jax tells them he followed the shooters to "Fruitvale, 28th and Neal." As you non-Californians may or may not know, Fruitvale's a neighborhood in Oakland. Jax asking the boys to call Laroy for backup certainly seems to support the whole "SAMCRO's going to Oakland this episode!" premise. Because guess what? SAMCRO's going to Oakland! Jax found the building the shooter is holed up in, but he's still unclear on the apartment. Chibs has to go to SAMCRO business now, so he hands the phone to Gemma, who holds it by Tara's ear, and she and Jax exchange sweet nothings along the line of "Please do not get killed this season. Muchas smooches!"

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