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Juice Can't Concentrate

At Sanwa PD, Juice and Roosevelt have an ultimately unproductive conversation: Juice won't fork over a sample until he meets the guy who can allegedly help him, and Roosevelt can't introduce Potter until he's got the sample. Juice finally says, with resigned weariness, "I'm just tired of playing 'Who's Your Daddy?' I'll bring you the sample when I meet the guy who can make the deal."

Zip! We're in Oakland, where Jax is telling Clay, Chibs, Opie, Tig and Bobby Elvis how he saw one of the guys pull "a big-ass bag from the car," or, as this traveler sees it, most flyers' definition of "carry-on luggage." Anyway, the boys decide to go ahead and get this thing done with Laroy and his crew; Opie, Chibs and Jax will take the back balcony entrance, while the graybeard crew takes the front door. Everyone remembers to turn off their cell phones and then ... well, we watch a very efficient home invasion in action.

Except the thing is, this is hardly some criminal stronghold. (The first clue should have been the cat condo on the balcony.) There is a woman holding her baby, and several more women hanging out with their kids on a couch, and the driver looks like he's about to ask for new pantalones. Jax speaks for everyone with "What the --?" He unzips the bag he was sure was full of guns, and out tumble several packages of diapers and wipes. The camera cuts to Clay, who you just know is thinking, "This kind of crap never happens to Alvarez, oh no." Tig is standing there with a look of barely-restrained dismay, so when Jax snaps to get the kids out of the room, Tig immediately dives for the first baby he sees, plucks the child from a woman's arms, then expertly jogs it into quietude as he ushers all the children into another room. I tell you, it's only a matter of time before we get a throwaway shot of Uncle Happy cooing to a child.

Jax is flustered, but recovers by waving his gun at the terrified driver and asking where the other shooter is. The driver sobs, "No se," and Clay drily says, "I'm assuming none of us picked up any Spanish in Stockton?" Tig then conscripts a translator via the time-honored diplomatic method of pointing a gun barrel at different people and waiting for someone to crack. A woman finally manages, through her sobs, to say, "Okay!" Jax asks what "you all" -- i.e. the elderly, the women and the children -- are doing in the apartment, and we cut to the driver shaking his head no. When the woman says shakily, "We live here," the door opens and the second gunman bursts out and trains his gun on the woman. She begins sobbing in genuine terror, the SAMCRO boys have all their guns out, the gunman's taken another woman hostage, and there's a terrible moment where we see the translator lady and just behind her are rows of frames school pictures, the children smiling with innocent optimism into the camera. Jax manages to get everyone calm, then orders the woman to translate. She sobs, "He won't listen. He doesn't care." "Why? Who is he?" asks Jax. We cut to the driver desperately shaking his head, but that's not good enough for Shooter #2, who promptly assassinates the woman. Chibs then shoots Shooter #2. The driver sobs, "My sister," while Chibs screams in fury and/or horror, "Jesus Christ!" Tig starts pacing the room, muttering, "Oh, man," repeatedly and Bobby Elvis just looks around with "Which decision led me here, exactly?" written all over his face. Jax persists in getting details from the driver, and that is how we find out that these poor, legal immigrants from the state of Sonora, Mexico, were told by Lobo Sonora that the man could act as a driver for a Lobo Sonora errand, or his family in Sonora could be killed in very painful and creative ways. THIS is when it finally sinks in to Jax that hey, cartels really have no problem fucking with civilians and their families; going by Opie's look, he's just drawn the same conclusion. We can't see what Clay's doing behind his sunglasses, but I'm betting there's a Really? The timing could not be worse. REALLY, Universe? eyeroll going on. Bobby Elvis caps the scene by giving Clay a total bitchface and saying, "Better call your friend Romeo." Then SAMCRO takes off, leaving the dead bodies, the blood and the sobbing survivors.

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