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Juice Can't Concentrate

Back at the clubhouse, Tara and Gemma have a little heart-to-heart in the kitchen. Tara asks, point-blank, "What do you know about a cartel?" "That it's a general term used to refer to the codified organization of organization of producers and manufacturers, where they agree to fix prices, marketing and production on a specific commodity," Gemma replies. Kidding! She totally clams up until Tara pointedly asks if perhaps Alvarez might give her an explanation. Gemma lies, "All I know is they're selling them guns." Tara persists, "Are there drugs involved?" and Gemma's silence indicates that a) Gemma is either unwilling or unable to lie to Tara, but plans on relying on the "She figured it out! I didn't say anything!" defense if this comes up in the future, and b) Hell yeah, there are drugs involved. Tara then understandably freaks over the prospect of being targeted by the kind of organization that might, say, terrorize law-abiding citizens in Oakland by threatening their family down south. Gemma tries to soothe with, "The club is not going to let anything happen to you," and Tara shoots back, "The club is why everything is happening to me! To my family! I can't believe I signed off on this shit." Any intimation of backchannel dealings has Gemma's interest piqued, but Tara storms off, presumably to see if the clubhouse has Wi-Fi yet because she needs to Google the crap out of "California custody laws + dumbass felon biker baby daddy."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the law, Roosevelt is in Potter's office explaining that Juice is not planning on passing over a sample until he meets Potter. Potter says he won't risk exposure without the sample: "Have him meet you on the street with the coke, tell him the deal maker will be there, then bust him for possession." Roosevelt replies, "Are you kidding? That's entrapment!" Potter argues for this incredibly limber interpretation of "law enforcement" by calling it "a criminal with a couple of grams of blow getting pulled over by a sheriff." Roosevelt protests, "I am not going dirty to expedite your agenda!" and Potter coolly inquires as to how Roosevelt justified trashing the SAMCRO clubhouse. Roosevelt rebuts, "That was tactical, this is criminal! You want to tie up Juice on a bullshit bust? Do it yourself. I'm done." Potter then threatens to file a formal complaint against Roosevelt and torpedo his career, and that is when I decide I am done, D-O-N-E with this scene. Because COME ON. Where is it written that every member of the federal law enforcement apparatus plays dirty? Is the object lesson of this show to be that if you're a straight-up cop, you might as well give up? I get that Sons of Anarchy is about unpacking the humanity behind a group of people who have chosen to live outside the boundaries of "polite" society, and that so-called "polite" society is not always the morally superior option, but I still have Post-Stahl Stress Disorder and I don't need a relapse.

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