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Back at the clubhouse, Jax comes in, hugs his mother hello, then heads back to see Tara in the pit they call "an apartment." As Jax heads back, Gemma calls out, "She knows about the drugs. And the cartel. Not from me." Jax is suddenly a whole lot less eager to see his lady.

And now, time for a delightfully tense conversation between two people who don't have a whole lot of positive associations (IMA) with this room (IMA). Jax is saying that he didn't know the drugs were a part of the deal, and Tara's only response is, "Hmmm. Was that Clay?" Jax sighs, "Yeah. The deal we had to make was ... it was complicated." Tara shakes her head and correctly notes that Clay cannot be trusted. Jax insists -- despite abundant evidence to the contrary and a conversation wherein Clay admitted he's planning an exit strategy -- that Clay is protecting the club. Tara points out, "Clay protects himself. This is two weeks into it. What happens in two months? A year?" Jax only looks at her. Tara scoffs, gets up, and leaves, presumably to resume mad Googling of "forging whole new identity + going on the run from crazy, stupid, murderous bikers."

Clay and Alvarez have a little catch-up in church. Clay fills him in on the whole sad, bad Lobo Sonora stunt and concludes, "I think Galindo's rival is making a play in northern Cali." Alvarez says, "I talked to Romeo. Said it was a shot off the bow -- Lobo making noise. Luis is coming up with a few of his guys, make sure it all dies quietly." Clay asks about the note in Tara's momvan. Alvarez replies, "He said it's not their style. Lobo would have written the note in their kids' blood." I am unclear on who the "they" is -- or more to the point, which children are being exsanguinated for the sake of memo writing -- but none of that is any good. Anyway, it's all good between Goofus and Gallant.

And now, a tiny and heartbreaking scene where Roosevelt lays the groundwork for entrapment and looks disgusted with himself and/or the universe while he does so. Moving on...

Gemma and Unser are meeting in her office; Unser's filling her in on his "legwork," when in actuality, he's doing some of his own. First up, finding out that Tara hasn't mentioned the death threat to anyone else. Second up, learning that Clay is very probably on to him as the source of the letter. After Gemma leaves, Clay shoves Unser to the couch and snarls, "You think this is some kind of a game? Crawl back into your little shithole, Wayne. You leave this alone. Don't get in my way anymore." Or what, Clay? You'll kill the guy with the terminal diagnosis? You best watch it -- those guys are the ones who figure they have the least to lose and the most to amend for. (See also: Piney.)

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