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Juice Can't Concentrate

And now, a tiny and heartbreaking scene where Roosevelt does the entrapment. He still looks disgusted with himself for doing so, so at least there's that.

After Clay gets done pushing around a terminally ill man, he walks out to a card table where Chibs, Bobby Elvis and Tig are sitting around and looking like they fell off the wrong side of the pool table that morning. Bobby Elvis tells us that SAMTAZ called, and Armando's been MIA since last night. Chibs adds that Tucson's worried. Naturally, it's time for a meeting. How these men stay in home-invasion shape when they're constantly sitting in meetings is God's private mystery. (Although -- aw! -- we see Jax and Opie playing with Jax's boys on the playground.)

Cut to Potter looking at the sample and saying in dry delight, "Now we have leverage. I test this, we tie it to Galindo, then we see if Juice feels like cooperating." Roosevelt asks what happens if Juice happens to feel uncooperative. Potter says matter-of-factly, "We yell to the underworld that he's working with us. He stole from his own club. If that doesn't motivate him, we move forward on possession charges." Roosevelt says hotly, "And we send him back to Stockton an unprotected rat!" "That sounds terrifying," Potter deadpans. Roosevelt looks at the other man and says, "You love this shit, don't you?" Potter is quiet for a moment before saying, "I like you, Eli. You're a good man. Straight shooter. I know this is difficult for you. Tell Juice about the leverage, cut him loose. His fear will... multiply exponentially around his brothers." Then Potter walks off, the back of his leather jacket smoking gently from where the heated fury of Roosevelt's gaze has caused it to burst into flames.

Abel is playing with balls on the pool table and enjoying being fussed over while everyone heads into church. Then the latest prospect -- an Asian fellow named Lin -- comes on by and we learn that he was Lyla's assigned escort, and Lyla quietly shook him and escaped to parts unknown with Piper. Opie gives the room and look, and Clay gives him leave to go. Jax follows. And I wonder: SAMCRO has established that it's okay with Latinos (per SAMTAZ) and Asians (Lin), so...what's the problem with having a member who's got an African American parent? I get that racism is a huge component of biker club culture and all, but at this point, the lines seem so arbitrary, they might as well have been drawn on an Etch-a-Sketch. By Abel.

Roosevelt and Juice hang out in a bleak interrogation room, sitting side-by-side, and it strikes me that this is another blocking in which Juice is conversing with someone who could be a father figure to him. It more or less emphasizes the appeal of the club -- he desperately wants a family and a father to guide him -- and the fact that the club's love is highly conditional. Roosevelt quietly and apologetically says, "I don't know what it is they want from you, but at this point, you have no choice. You have to cooperate, Juice." Juice heaves a watery sigh. "It doesn't matter," he says, and walks out.

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