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Juice Can't Concentrate

Cut to the three old guys of the club -- Bobby Elvis, Tig and Chibs -- having some sort of conversation where they appear to come to a consensus, and Chibs says they need to bring Juice up to speed on whatever it is these guys decided. ("RESOLVED: This cartel business is nucking futs?") Chibs walks over to the just-arrived Juice, asked about the urine test, then tries to direct Juice over to Bobby, but Juice heads right into the clubhouse. Tig asks, "Is he okay?" Chibs says he doesn't know, but he'll be right back. We get a nice shot of Bobby Elvis looking dismayed by this turn of events; the people in his club are falling apart right before his eyes.

Chibs strides into church and interrupts Clay (who's looking quite actuarial with his reading glasses and paperwork). He says, "I'm a bit worried about Juice. This thing with Miles, the sheriff riding him -- the boy's checked out. We've got to put him off this cartel shit." Clay sighs, pulls off his glasses, and gives the non-answer, "Send him in, will you?"

Clay goes over to an office supplies cabinet, then pulls a small lockbox out. Juice comes in during this, shuts the door per Clays' request, then sits, per Clay's request, ext to Clay instead of at his customary spot at the foot of the table. Clay begins: "Most days, this life is just riding around, getting shit done. Some days, it's more than that. Some days, we ask our guys to do shit that very few men could do." Clay hands over a "Men of Mayhem" patch and explains, "That's what this means." Juice just stares at it, knowing that he's "earned" that patch under false pretenses. As Clay says, "The way you handled the Russians, this hard thing with Miles, I'm proud of you," Juice struggles not to cry. This is probably not how he ever expected to get a Men of Mayhem patch -- by killing a "brother" in the service of keeping a secret, then heaping lies on top of the murder. Anyway, Juice chokes out, "Thanks." And then Clay basically tells Juice to nut up and get hard like the rest of the club, there's some hugging, and Juice chokes back a sob as Clay says, "I love you, son." Clay then orders Juice back up to the Coke-K corral with orders to keep Tacoma "on their toes." Juice gives Clay a Brave little Soldier smile. He heads out, his eyes wet.

Meanwhile, Opie and Jax stop by Casa Winston -- truly, it is a magnificent testament to what a woman with a vision and unfettered access to Pier One Imports can achieve -- and going by the drawers pulled out of the dresser and piles of clothing everywhere, Lyla packed in a hurry and took off. Opie actually seems hurt that Lyla would do that. (I wonder if he's thinking about what makes a woman stay -- i.e. Donna -- versus what makes one go.)

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