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Manos, The Hands of Fate
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The episode opens with a real estate mystery solved. Remember how last week I had no idea where the Sons were meeting because the shot of the kitchen looked nothing like Gemma's? It turns out that Casa Morrow is enormous and confusing, because I totally recognize the plantation blinds that serve as wall dividers between the dining room and the home office. Clay is currently in the home office, opening up the safe and taking out a fat wad of bills. He's trying to be sneaky about it, but there is nothing discreet about a heavy steel door slamming shut, and Gemma hears him from the kitchen.

Clay's subsequent attempt to casually leave the house holding a backpack full of money goes surprisingly smoothly. I say "surprisingly," because given Clay's recent track record at, well, anything, I was half-expecting something to go extravagantly wrong. After a little small talk about how early they're both up, Clay tells Gemma he's off to handle some "Mexican shit," adding that he and Jax have it handled. The two spouses exchange desultory goodbye smooches, and when they tell each other, "Love you," it sounds like something admitted under oath.

Anyway, once Clay's gone, Gemma puts on her reading glasses and opens the safe. The minute the safe's open, she takes them off, then pulls out the cash box. She is somewhat dismayed to find there is only an inch-thin stack of twenties in there.

So, you know how when you go on a road trip you might load up the CD player, make sure the phone's charged in case you want to get chatty and grab some sunscreen? Jax's idea of getting ready for a road trip is to strap a pistol to his ankle. He's just finished this when Tara bustles in with Thomas, excitedly burbling that she's packed a lunch and the family can picnic at the park outside Walnut Grove. (Hands up, all of you who immediately wondered if they'd run into Nellie Oleson there.) Jax is down for that. He grabs the family's bag and kisses Tara; the baby grins up at him and raises his face for a kiss too, and Jax smilingly obliges.

Gemma lets herself in without knocking -- something that Jax and Tara apparently don't even question anymore -- under the pretext of seeing her grandsons off. This is how she learns that Jax will be accompanying Tara and the boys to Oregon, and boy does this not sit well. "Out of state? You're on release," Gemma reminds her son, but the Knowles/Teller pack has that handled; they'll crash at a hotel in California and day-trip up to Portland. Besides, the Rogue River chapter can keep an eye on Tara once she crosses into the Beaver State. Gemma asks, "Does Clay know?" "He will after you tell him," Jax shoots back. He explains that, owing to the pending meeting with the Irish, he'll be back in two days. Gemma asks, "What about the Mexicans?" Jax shrugs, "Nothing for us to do. It's an internal beef. We've been told to stay out of it." The camera switches from Jax to everyone else and it's an interesting set-up: Abel (AKA the world's most placid toddler) coloring at the table, Gemma standing in the middle of the kitchen, the Tara and Thomas near the door. Speaking of Tara, she breaks the tension by handing Thomas over to Gemma with a sing-song, "Say goodbye to Grandma!"

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