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Manos, The Hands of Fate

At the SanWa sheriff's station, Roosevelt is finding out that ATF has spirited Juice away under cover of darkness. We transition to Juice, who is bored out of his mind in a cell designed by the same people who bring you the Design Within Reach catalog.

Cut to Unser doing his best to make Piney's cabin look like a cartel crime scene. His phone rings. Naturally, it's Gemma. Without prelude, she says, "Something's wrong, Wayne." Unser pulls down his respirator, listens to the flies buzzing around Piney's body, and says, "Really? Can't imagine why you think that." Anyway, Gemma's freaked because: A) Clay emptied the safe and B) lied to Gemma about what he needed the money for. Unser asks, "So, uh, what did Clay need the money for?" Gemma pauses, puts "2 + 2" together and gets "My husband is going to get around his promise not to kill Tara by having someone else do it," then orders Unser to abandon the first task she set him to so he can do whatever it is she wants from him now.

We see Clay in the middle of an undeveloped lot near some power lines, handing over a slip of paper with Tara's destination info to a black-haired, olive-skinned man. I mention his appearance because it will be pertinent later. Then Clay maps out the route Tara's likely to drive. He then hands over the backpack full of cash and orders, "I want it clean, I want it painless. Don't mess up her face." Well, that's big of him. Someone polish that Father-In-Law of the Year trophy -- I think we have our winner!

Zoom! Tara's momvan is zipping along the highway and Jax is enthusiastically, if inexpertly, singing, "This Old Man" to the boys. Tara joins in, and Abel giggles delightedly from the back seat.

Clay pulls into Teller Morrow and Gemma saunters out to ask how that Mexican thing went. Clay tells her, "That's not your concern," then asks where Jax is. Gemma's tone is barbed as she explains, "Went up to Oregon with Tara and the kids. Family outing." Clay tries to recover, but as he turns around and walks away from Gemma, he's got a total "OHHHHHHHHHH shitohshitohshitohshit ..." expression playing behind the glasses.

Cut to Clay frantically trying to call off the hit, despite being told repeatedly by Romeo and Luis that such a thing isn't possible. During the phone call between Clay and the two cartel honchos, Romeo and Luis do a lot of eye-rolling and silent miming of laughter to indicate that Clay is totally screwed. Also, they could call off the hit if they wanted to... but they don't. Instead, they figure they'll just let the hitman (AKA "The Collector," per the closed captioning) know that Jax is with the target, and he's armed.

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