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Manos, The Hands of Fate

The Knowles-Teller family has picnicked in the park, where the boys were fed a light lunch of crackers, juice and sedatives, if their ability to sit around while their parents loll about on the lawn is any indication. Tara is reclining with her head on Jax's torso, probably wishing that it was shirtless. AS DO WE ALL, TARA. Anyway, she's telling him that if she aces the interview at Providence Hospital in Portland, she thinks she should take the job. Jax is down with that. Tara sits up and looks down at Jax, asking, "Are you sure you mean that?" Jax sits up a bit to tell her, "Tara. Take the job. You gotta give St. Thomas, what, two, three weeks' notice? I got one more deal to lock down and I'm good. I'm going to be ready to go before you." Tara begins laughing, possibly in relief, and she collapses back on to Jax. We cut across the park and see The Collector watching them.

Back in Charming, Tig is expressing his frustration that in this, the 21st century, he is unable to reach Jax on demand. "Oh, when will Science invent telepathy implants so we can beam brain-to-brain messages?" he ... does not say at all. Instead, Tig's taking care of business: He's got the name of the hotel where the family is supposed to be staying, and he's got Rogue River waiting for them. Chibs also checks in -- Juice is still MIA. Gemma's hovering outside the church and she volunteers that Juice tends to crawl back to his old girlfriend when he's "wounded." I am suddenly filled with curiosity as to what sort of woman consorts with Juice. Bobby Elvis notes that Precious is still chummy with said ex-girlfriend -- one imagines that perhaps the former ladies of SAMCRO might need some kind of support group, given what havoc these guys wreak on a regular basis -- so he'll ask Precious to give the ex a ring. Chibs walks off, muttering about Juice.

Gemma heads into church and asks Clay why he took all the money out of the safe. Clay blusters, "What'd I tell you about digging into club business?" "It's not club money!" Gemma shoots back. Clay snarls, "That's right. That's my money. And as long as you got enough to take care of the house and amuse yourself, you don't really need to worry about it." Gemma's head snaps back in shock and an expression of pain flickers across her face before she goes on the offense: "Did you really just say that to me?" Clay, who has decided he's in this mess because of bullshit promises he made to his old lady, says, "Maybe I should be saying shit like this to you more often, reminding you that you are not a member of this club, you're an old lady. And don't forget it!" Gemma's voice says, "Okay," but her face says, "So that's how it is, then."

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