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Manos, The Hands of Fate

Tara's buckling Abel into his car seat, so Jax wanders across the park to get rid of their picnic trash. As he reaches the can, he sees the homeless woman he met in the cemetery in season one, right before Donna's funeral. They exchange a look of recognition.

Just then, a gray windowless van zooms up next to the minivan. The passenger side door slides open, and a masked man grabs Tara and tidily lifts her into the van. Her screaming, "Oh my God! What are you doing?" alerts Jax. She's fighting, so the door's not yet closed, and Jax quickly whips out his ankle piece and begins chasing down the van. He aims a few shots at the van, which causes it to swerve. Tara's fighting her captors inside, and she gets her hand on the doorframe, bracing to fling herself out, when the van's momentum causes the door to slam shut on her hand. Tara screams in pain. The van pulls over for some reason, and there's a lot of screaming in Spanish, but it's very slow Spanish, as if the people speaking it just learned the words by Googling them. Jax pulls Tara out, there's some gun-pulling, he shoves Tara behind him, and the van takes off. Tara's hyperventilating in pain and fear, and we see her hand, crumpled and black with blood.

Inside the van, the kidnappers pull off their masks. They are definitely not Mexican, not unless northern Europe was annexed by Felipe Calderón some time last week. So the question is: Who are these guys and were they with The Collector? Or did a completely different crew try to nab Tara?

Tara's being loaded into the back of an ambulance, and she's pleading to go to St. Thomas. Since the hospital is out of the emergency services' jurisdiction, it looks like that's not going to happen, but Jax pleads, "She's a surgeon at St. Thomas? You can't take her?" The CHiP from the gas station rolls up and orders the EMT to take Tara to St. Thomas, promising to clear it with the dispatchers later. Jax is suitably grateful for a little help from the long arm of the law. The CHiP then quietly notes that Jax happens to be on federal release, and inquires as to whether the recently paroled Jax might be the source of the gunshots in the park. Jax lies. (But this does make me wonder: Where is his piece?) He then blows Tara a kiss and sprints back to the minivan.

The next shot is of Tara being wheeled into the hospital, Jax holding her hand. "The boys..." she says weakly. He assures her they're fine, then tells Tara she's about to go to X-Ray, then get a consult with Dr. Balian, whom one can presume is Charming's resident hand guy. No sooner does he see her off then Gemma appears, hovering around him like a particularly fretful crow. Jax has to go to talk to the cops, but before he goes, he whispers to Gemma that someone attacked Tara and tried to abduct her.

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