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Manos, The Hands of Fate

Juice has made it back to Teller Morrow, and he tells Chibs and Opie a big ol' lie about needing to clear his head by way of Yosemite. Opie rumbles, "Probably should have stayed in Yosemite. Shit's hit the fan, brother. Lobos tried to take Tara this morning." Juice is suitably taken aback.

When Clay meets with Romeo, he and his people are arrayed by their Range Rover in such a way as to suggest an album cover -- it's ridiculously arty and theatrical, and probably meant to intimidate by pointing out that these criminals are far cooler and more successful than a bunch of hairy, dusty bikers could hope to be. Clay walks over to Romeo and sighs all, "What the hell happened?" "Your VP happened," Romeo says coolly. He then asks about the fallout, and Clay is suddenly all worked up about Tara's hand being crushed, mostly because it's put Jax on the warpath. Romeo, however, is delighted that the club thinks the Lobo are behind the debacle. Clay begs to differ: "It's a goddamn disaster. I paid $25K for a clean job." Luis hands over a wad of cash and Romeo assures him, "Here's a refund. We'll take care of the hit personally. No more middle man." Clay's all, "I... have changed my mind," but the cartel reminds him that you cannot cry "Threat!" one day and take it back the next. Tara's been named a threat, and so she must die. Clay sighs, takes the money, and takes off.

Tara's got a positively medieval contraption wrapped around her arm. She's propped up, asleep, and Jax is curled around her, stroking her cheek as she wakes. Dr. Balian comes in and gently breaks the news: Her bones were set easily, but Tara's looking at severe nerve damage in that hand. Jax asks, "What does that mean?" "It means I won't have full use of my hand," Tara says, fighting to stay calm. Jax asks Dr. Balian if it's permanent, then says angrily, "You need to do more surgeries and fix it." Dr. Balian says he's doing all he can, and he's got calls in to the West Coast's top hand people down at Cedars-Sinai. Tara thanks him. After Dr. Balian leaves, Tara begins crying.

Gemma has headed home and straight into the home office, where Clay is busy putting the money back in the safe. She says sharply, "What's the matter? Change your mind? Get a refund because they didn't kill her?" Clay plays dumb, but Gemma is ready to go: "You promised me. You looked me in the eye and you promised me you wouldn't hurt Tara!" Clay again pretends he has no idea what Gemma's talking about, so Gemma shouts a surprisingly accurate recap of the morning's events. Gemma concludes by screaming about her grandsons, "Jesus Christ, those babies could have been hurt!" Clay kicks a chair across the room and shouts, "Enough!" Gemma then threatens to spill the beans to Jax, and when Clay heads toward her, she pulls her gun out of her bag and trains it on Clay with, "You stay away from me, you son of a bitch. You stay away from my family." Clay looks stunned. Well, being disowned by your family of 20-odd years will do that to you. He then goads Gemma: "You gonna kill me, Gemma? Like you did your first husband?" Gemma is so angry she can barely say, "You killed John." Clay begs to differ: "Nah. Baby, you killed him. You played me for a chump, and I was. I was no match for that tight pussy and broken, angry heart. Yeah. Maybe Jax needs to read some of that truth." BLAM! Gemma shoots, but it goes whizzing past Clay's shoulder. Cut to her looking slightly panicked, as Clay is the type of person where, if you're going to shoot at him, you better make sure your aim is good. Clay looks shocked. He recovers before she does, and the two of them cease to be married people right in that moment as he heads after her. Gemma lands the first punch, but it barely registers with Clay; he then lands a hit to the jaw that sends her across the dining room table. There's more tussling and she ends up on the floor scrambling to get away. Gemma gets up, heads to the kitchen door, but it's locked, and Clay picks her up and throws her to the floor. The camera shows Clay backhanding her repeatedly and then gives us the sickening view of his angry face and his fist coming down.

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