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Manos, The Hands of Fate

We then come back up on Tara, staring blankly ahead. She declines to say goodnight to Abel over the phone (via Jax), and stares up at the ceiling as Jax sits down. "Tell me what I can do for you," he says. "Nothing," Tara says. Jax begs, "Please -- get mad at me, Tara. Scream at me or something. I know this is all my fault." Tara says dreamily, "No, it's not, Jax. This had to happen." Jax asks, "What are you talking about?" and Tara says, "Fate. We're supposed to be together, right? But you can't leave here." Jax reminds her, "I am leaving here. With you." Tara begs to differ: "No. The club won't let you. Gemma won't let you. Charming won't let you." Jax assures her that's just the drugs talking, and Tara lets 'em speak: "The only way I can be with you is if I lose my way out. I lost that today, baby. I have a dead hand. No one will want me now. No one... I'll never save another life again, never fix a tiny heart. It's okay. We can now be together -- you, me, Gemma. Here in beautiful Charming. A happy family. Maybe I should smash my other hand. That way I can just stay home, be a mom, raise your babies..." Jax begs Tara to stop, and Tara tearily asks him to leave now. "I can't see you. Anyone. Please, just go." That is the last thing Jax wants to do, but Tara screams, "Go! Go! Go!" with the last "Go!" trailing off into a huge sob. Choking back his own tears, Jax heads out -- and right into Roosevelt.

The sheriff comes by to offer his sympathies, but Jax whispers, "Not now, bro," and heads off. Roosevelt watches him go, frowning sympathetically. When he ambles out of the hall, he runs straight into the rest of SAMCRO, and is greeted by Bobby's "Ah, Christ." Roosevelt calmly notes they found Juice. "No thanks to you," Chibs notes. Roosevelt makes eye contact with Juice and asks for a moment. "Back off!" barks Tig. Juice says it's cool, then makes his way out of the protective clutch of bikers to talk to Roosevelt.

The sheriff gets to the point: "I want to apologize. I'm getting tossed around by this DA just as much as you are. The way I've conducted myself ... I'm sorry." Juice looks furious, and he says bitterly, "A little late for that now." Roosevelt says, "That doesn't mean I can't man up and tell you I was wrong." Juice nods imperceptibly. Roosevelt then adds, "I know what happened to Tara. If you need anything, let me know, OK?" Juice sounds surprised as he says, "Thanks."

So all the SAMCRO people except the one who tried to kill Tara are clustered around Jax and, as per guy code, he is not letting anyone know that she's gone mad with sorrow and his heart is breaking for her. There is the requisite amount of manly hugging, and then everyone takes off except for Opie. Jax says he needs to talk to him.

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