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I Swear, I'll Make It Up to Thee
er is Clay off his bike than Gemma's running over to him and awwwww! They're clinging to each other, and oh, it's very sweet, and kudos to this show for making an established couple so smokin' hot. While Gemma and Clay are kissing, we cut to Tig watching. Is it "Hooray, Mom and Dad are back together!" or is it "I wish I had something like that" or is it "I wish I were Clay and/or Gemma?" (I sort of suspect that Tig's a little bit in love with both of them.) Gemma then flies over to hug Jax, and Clay rolls over to hug Tig. Gemma asks after Abel and Jax lies about how good Abel is. There's more smalltalk, and Tig -- who has insinuated himself into the family huddle -- warns, "Grandpa walking." Clay asks, "How's Pop doing?" and Gemma gives them a brief 411. She heads off to take care of Nate, and Tig finally hugs Jax hello. He notes that the shoulder's okay so long as he keeps hitting "Grandma's Vicodin," and Clay dryly replies that he may need to hit Grandma's stash as well.

Jax finds Tara boxing up stuff and just watches her for a moment. When Tara finally sees him, all she says is, "Hey! Did you just get here?" The only way the contrast between these two and Clay and Gemma could be more obvious is if Tig was hanging in the door, going, "Wow, this is sure different from how Clay and Gemma treated one another." Eventually, there's a little peck on the cheek, but then the two of them move on to small talk. Awkward, awkward small talk. Tara finally asks, "What is it?"

Jax sighs and says, "You want the truth, right? I'm going to tell you what's going on. They're pulling our bail on the church assault. In two days, we're all supposed to go back inside." Tara reels, then picks up the key word in that sentence: "Supposed to?" Jax hands over the surveillance camera photo of Abel and Cam, and quickly fills in the plan: He thinks Abel's in Canada, so they're heading up there to find him; Gemma will be going along for the ride. Tig comes in right then -- ha! Maybe he IS going to comment on the lukewarm reunion these two are having -- and offers to ferry boxes of Nate's stuff down to the basement. As Jax picks up a box, he notes the bloodstain on the bed and begins asking questions. It gets even more awkward when he asks about Amelia's whereabouts, but Tara lies like a champ. As Jax walks out of the room, Tara just shakes her head. This is probably not how she imagined her reunion with Jax at all.

There's been the weapons handoff -- our boys have passed things off to the next group of bikers in the chain -- and the SAMCRO guys split up: Bobby Elvis, Piney and Happy off to meet Piney's dealer Honey; Juice, Chibs and Opie off to Nate's.

At Nate's, Gemma's looking over her ATF "Wanted" poster and grousing because Stahl added two years to her age. Clay looks at her over his steepled fingers all, "THIS is your big complaint about Stahl?" Gemma testily asks, "So what's that going to look like, me in Canada?" Clay says, "We'll get you set up someplace off the grid, get you good papers --" "Maybe you go redhead for a while," Tig volunteers. Gemma recoils at the very idea: "Christ! I'd rather shave my head." Ha! Nice Married with Children callback. Also, this makes me wish the show could find a way to work Ed O'Neill into the mix. He wouldn't be the first John from Cincinnati alum on the show (see also: Brian Van Holt, Dayton Callie), and it would be trippy watching him play off Katey Sagal as Gemma. Get on that, casting people! Gemma then asks when she gets to see Abel, and everyone stalls and makes a point of looking anywhere but at her.

Nate walks in right then, and Clay rises to say hello. This oddly courteous display is endearing -- and it is lost on Nate, who snaps, "What are you doing here?" Awkward silence for a moment, then Gemma says, "Clay's here to help me get you settled." Nate scoffs that he doesn't need Clay's help, and adds furiously, "This is what killed your mother!" As he walks out of the room, Clay drops back to his seat with, "Huh. The old man certainly seems to remember me." Jax notes how tense Gemma is, and she tells the boys to stay clear with, "Tara and I will handle it." Gemma stomps off. Tara rises and says, "You have to tell her." Clay takes a sip of his coffee and grumbles, "We'll wait until she's got Nate settled. Spread out the misery."

Piney, Bobby Elvis and Happy have found Honey's place -- and, they discover, so has a crew of gap-toothed hill people who are intent on raiding the inventory and wreaking general mayhem. Inside the house, envoys from deepest darkest Crystalmethistan are tossing the house while a clowder of cats wails in outrage at this invasion of their territory. And possibly in outrage at the way their Human Food Dispenser is huddled on the ground and is therefore unable to dispense the kibble on schedule. Piney pulls Honey up while Bobby Elvis and Happy provide cover. They duck into one of the cats' rooms (I swear, I am not making this up) and Honey explains that yes, the local tweaker entrepreneurs have decided to get into the scrip business and they targeted her. Happy notices they have no mobile service up here -- inconvenient when you're barricaded in a room with only three guns, a rattled pill-pusher and five different kitty condos at your service.

One of the hill people cocks his shotgun on the other side of the door and shouts to Honey to tell him where the drugs are, or he'll toss the place. Honey replies that he can "Suck my ass, you inbred puddle of piss!" Bobby Elvis reasons, "We stay in the room, they find the drugs, maybe they leave." A shotgun blast through the door disabuses him of the there-won't-be-bloodshed fantasy. It turns out that the latch to Honey's scrip room -- which, it should be noted, is stocked with both enormous bottles of pills and cat statues and artwork -- is hidden behind a kitty condo. So Honey ushers them into the land of cat art and meds, and the boys take a moment to gape in appreciation at the whole spectacle. Honey notes, "I got over half a mil in scrip here. Those tweaker scumbags will kill us to get it." Bobby Elvis and Piney are still gaping at the inventory, while Happy has the presence of mind to use the land line to call out for reinforcements from the rest of SAMCRO.

Back at Nate's place, down in the basement, Jax is dropping off the last of the boxes. As he heads for the stairs, Tara calls out, "I want to come with you. To Canada." Jax instantly vetoes that idea. Tara says, "I'm the only one who's not wanted. You're going to need my help." Jax says, "What I need is for you to go back to work. Go back to work." Translation: I don't want to feel responsible for any of your decisions, so go back to an area where I have absolutely no influence whatsoever. Tara quavers, "He's mine too. I want to be with my family." Jax yells, "We're not your family! Do you see how deep I'm buried here? You don't want this." Tara recovers from being told she's not family and shouts, "Don't tell me what I want! I asked for the truth, you gave it to me --" "So you would STAY PUT! You're not coming up north," Jax shouts. Tara shouts back that she is and this really sets Jax off: "You want to be an old lady? Then act like one! DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD! Pack your shit and head back to Charming."

Oh, he has really set off Tara now. She replicates the kinesthetic shit fit she threw in Abel's nursery, rolls out the wheelchair where Amelia was bound, then screams at him, "I just helped your mother kill someone! THAT old lady enough for you?" Cut to Jax all, "What-what-WHAT?" Tara spills the story about Amelia, sort of, claims it was self-defense, and adds that Tig helped them get rid of the body. Gemma comes tripping down in the middle of this discussion with a final box, notices how tense and angry the kids are, claps eyes on the wheelchair, and instantly puts the whole situation together with an "Oh ... shit." Jax asks what happened, and Gemma gives Tara the stink-eye. Tara turns around right as Tig and Clay come down and Clay says, "We gotta go." "I'm dealing with something," Jax says. "Yeah, so are Bobby and Piney," Tig says, clearly implying that club business will always trump lady business. Clay asks, in a lightly menacing tone, "What's going on?" Jax says loudly, "Apparently, our lovely ladies whacked the caretaker. And [points to Tig] this idiot helped them!" Clay immediately looks at Tig and snaps, "What?" and Tig says, "Actually, I just made a phone call." Hee! Clay can only mutter, "Jesus Christ. This? Later." Jax heads up after aiming a "Douchebag" at Tig. And Tig sighs and asks Gemma and Tara, "What happened to, 'Oh, we can't tell Jax anything?' You two are killing me." Again: Hee!

And then there was Tara and Gemma. Tara sinks into the wheelchair and apologizes with, "I lost it. I don't know what the hell he wants anymore." Gemma asks, "What do you want?" and Tara shrugs, "I'm just trying to get ... closer. I want to go with you to Vancouver." Gemma sinks down on the hospital bed (now missing a sheet, I should note. Perhaps Bachman ripped it into strips and wove it into a chemise that he wore home under his leathers) and vetoes that idea. She explains, "We're going to need you in Charming. If Jax goes away for that church assault, and I'm ... God knows where, someone has to take care of Abel. There's no-one I trust more than you. You'll be a good mom." Tara bursts into guilty tears at all this, and Gemma watches her with a "What the hell?" expression. Tara quickly pulls it together -- Gemma approves of this -- and heads upstairs to help Nate get ready. Gemma says she'll come with them -- and if someone sees her, then that's on her.

Zip! We're in Belfast. Maureen is letting herself into her apartment, and we all learn that Jimmy O's already availed himself of her hospitality. He fishes a little -- saying that he knows Cameron came to Maureen to set up a meeting with Father Ashby (seeing as how Maureen is Father Ashby's sister) and that Maureen would be his first choice for nurturing a purloined baby. Maureen goes on the offense -- "Jimmy O'Phelan, the all-seeing, all-knowing wizard of East Belfast" -- but Jimmy's not perturbed. He asks after Abel, reasoning, "He belongs with his dad." Maureen would sooner eat her cigarette than agree with Jimmy O, so she deflects with, "It's not our decision." "But we know whose decision it is," Jimmy O points out. Maureen tries to claim that she has no sway with Kellan, but Jimmy O cuts her off by swee

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