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I Swear, I'll Make It Up to Thee
ping a lot of clutter off the table, then pointing out, "Things? Are in flux, darlin'. The world is changing. And life, and the Short Strand, had better bend to it, or you'll all snap like a twig. You need to decide what end of the stick you'll be holding. I'd hate to see you and your tight wee family out on the street." Maureen whispers that she doesn't know where the baby is. Jimmy O rises and looms over her as he says, "I suggest you inquire. And soon, yeah?" He lets himself out, leaving a shaken Maureen standing there.

Back in Rogue River, the hill people have managed, by dint of trashing the rest of the house, to figure out where the three SAMCRO guys, Honey and a few random cats are hiding. The hill people make a deal: "Take what you want and walk away. What do you say?" Bobby Elvis looks at Piney, who says, "Ninety percent of her stuff goes to hospices and clinics." Bobby Elvis chortles, "Then we say [gunfire commences]." Unfortunately, the boys are badly outgunned.

As the rest of SAMCRO pulls up, they behold the hill people walking Honey, Piney, Bobby Elvis and Happy outside, guns at their heads. The lead hill person warns SAMCRO that they better drop their guns or else Piney will be down a head, but the hill people have yet to meet Tig and his ambush from the side. And after the week Tig's had, the chance to wound, maim and mutilate people will be a welcome reprieve. Also, the entire Rogue River chapter of the Sons of Anarchy just rolled up, and they are armed to the teeth. The hill people's leader assesses the situation and concludes, "Shit."

Within seconds, the hill people are surrounded and disarmed, and their leader is asking Piney, "Why in the hell are you doin' this?" Piney grabs the guy's rifle, beats him over the heat with the butt, spits on the now-supine guy's body and says, "'Cause we're the good guys." Piney may be the only member of SAMCRO with an appreciation of irony.

It's all over now, and Chibs has taken it upon himself to see what the hill people have in their van. He and Opie bring over bag upon bag of scrips, and Honey comments, "That's not mine. They must have hit somebody else up too." Jax suggests that she add to her inventory, and Honey shrugs, "It's HIV protocol, steroids ... not my niche." This is the second episode in a row where SAMCRO's tangled with women who have clearly defined career niches. One more and I call it a trend. Anyway, Honey hands the meds over to the boys because they have considerable street value, and giving the boys a little extra revenue is the least she can do. Well, that and handing Bobby Elvis a case of Albuterol -- "You made a crazy ex-wife very happy. Thank you," he says. (I'm betting Bobby Elvis wasn't complaining about Precious's wiring when her crazy convinced her to marry a biker-cum-Elvis impersonator with an erratic income.) She hands over a big case of drugs to Happy for his mom, and he rasps his thanks. "I think y'all earned it," she says, and pats his hand. Then she heads over to Piney. Apparently, he does not get free drugs. But he assures her, if she needs any help, the Rogue River chapter of SOA is only 20 minutes away. Honey wipes a bit of blood away from the corner of Piney's mouth, then kisses him like he's a nurse, she's a sailor, and it's Times Square on V-J Day. SAMCRO breaks into appreciative yowls.

We're now at the place where Nate will be living. Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- he's no longer lucid, which makes Gemma trying to explain what they're doing all the more difficult. As Tara heads inside to check Nate in, he sits on the porch with Gemma and pleads, "I want to go home. Take me home. Please. Please, please, please just take me home, please." Gemma sobs, "I can't." An agitated Nate is led off, and Gemma stands alone on the porch, wringing her hands and whimpering, "I can't" before breaking into gut-wrenching sobs.

Zip! We're in Belfast. Maureen's headed into the church to freak out on her brother. She does not take being threatened well: "My family's going to get hurt because of your dick-fueled power struggle, Kell!" Father Ashby reassures Mo she'll be safe and she says, "What I can't get right is a man of God giving away a wee baby! The child's out there, Kell, with no da, no kin belonging to it. What are you thinking?"

He's thinking of the children, Father Ashby asserts, and tells Mo that Jimmy's hoping to end the Real IRA's association with the Sons of Anarchy because it'll free up his time and resources for recruiting troubled children to the cause. "It's a very delicate situation. We need someone from [the SOA] side to help us with Jimmy. Someone with as much to lose as we do. I think it's time you gave Gemma Teller a call, mother to mother. Let her know her grandson is here." Yes. That will surely unite Ireland -- into a smoldering wasteland of misery and destruction as Gemma rockets across the continental U.S. and the Atlantic on the fuel of her infernal fury, causes Belfast Lough to go up in a plume of superheated steam, then levels the country with a few well-phrased inquiries as to where in the holy hell her grandson is. So, um, well played, Real IRA? For, um, uniting the country? Anyway, Father Ashby will be prevailing upon the SAMBEL boys to provide a working phone number for Gemma.

Speaking of Gemma, she's in her car, still not entirely pulled together, and after sucking on a cigarette, she calls the ATF and asks to be connected to Agent Stahl. Gemma, noooooo!

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