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Dog Got Your Tongue?

Back at Teller-Morrow Motors (to be known as T-M thereafter), we see Juice take a wrapped bundle out of a locker and put it in the saddlebag of a motorcycle. Clay is puttering around, packing for Ireland, and he tells the recently-arrived Gemma, "I'm leaving my tools. Chibs and Tig stole most of my shit anyway." Gemma invents a reason for Chucky to leave and he goes with a French phrase. Clay asks, "What happened to the rhyming?" "I threatened to auction off his hands on eBay," Gemma says, and Clay looks at Gemma with such gooey, goony love for her, it's almost enough to make you forget that he's a lying mass murderer who bounced her head like a basketball on the penalty shot line.

Anyway, these two. Gemma leans in and whispers, "My suitcase is in the car." Clay pulls Gemma close and says, "Thank you. It's going to be a fresh start for us, Gem." Gemma pulls back and says, "Yeah. The honeymoon we never had. War-torn Belfast. Can't wait." Yes, how romantic it'll be to stalk her first husband's second old lady. Truly, Belfast is the city of dreams! These two make plans to meet at Clay's place at 3 PM, but the minute Clay leaves, Gemma looks like she'd rather be doing anything else.

Margaret the hospital administrator is busy telling Tara that all the drama over her hand was just so much side distraction, because she's all better and probably able to go back to doing surgery within six months. Margaret gets all soft-headed with, "I knew you'd heal. You're too good of a surgeon. There's a lot of people you still need to help." And look, one of them is in the doorway now. It's Wendy, who looks like hell compared to her previous appearances this season but, in all fairness, looks a lot better than anyone forcibly injected with a lot of heroin ought to.

Tara closes the door and Wendy cuts the small talk with, "You have no idea what happened to me last night, do you?" No, Tara does not. Wendy explains, "Jax came to my house last night after Tig dropped me off. Told me to back off from his family, and threatened to tell my work that I came here looking for Abel, high and out of control." Tara mumbles, "But that's not true. People here know --" "Unfortunately, a positive drug test might make it true, 'cause he banged a speedball into my shoulder," Wendy says, and boy howdy, the bruise from Jax's injection is really ugly. Tara is horrified. Wendy agrees that Tara should be appalled. Tara then wallows in a little denial, and Wendy presses in: "Believe it. The MC, this town -- it kills all the shit that you love. You need to get those boys away from here --" "I'm trying to set it up," Tara dithers, and Wendy says, "Trying is never going to get you out. Go to Oregon now before something awful happens to you and your sons. And if you don't do it, I will, because I don't give a shit about cust --" "I'M GETTING OUT," Tara yells. She repeats more calmly, "I'm getting out." "Good," Wendy says. Oh my gosh, how much do I love that instead of folding after her assault at Jax's hands, Wendy has roared back?

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