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Dog Got Your Tongue?

Guess who has just figured out that Tara's getting out? Gemma, by way of a gift basket. Seems Tara's new practice sent a welcome basket to Tara -- which seems to suggest the practice is run by morons instead of people who would say, "What does a busy mother of two toddlers want right before she moves? More clutter? Ha!" -- and Chuckie noticed some perishables, so he brought it to T-M, and because Gemma thinks "privacy" is merely a collection of amusing syllables, she read the accompanying card and put it all together.

Now we go to the return of the Nero, where all the people whom he used to watch out for are complaining about These Kid Gangsters Today, and Jax is observing without seeming to comprehend that he's basically looking at the ghost of Charming Future. The upshot to this scene is that Nero would like his biker pals to accompany him to a rag warehouse where his nemesis Dante is, as it's time Dante understood that his brief tenure as the king of the Latino gangs is over.

So, we head to the warehouse, where it turns out that Dante's running dog fights. The SAMCRO boys come in, and neither Tig nor Happy look like they're particularly thrilled with anything they're seeing. Tig, I understand -- remember, this is the guy who once blackballed a fellow brother over a dog-related incident -- but it surprises me that Happy, who seems to regard every other life form on the planet as background dressing, is disturbed by this. (Also, Happy's cut has a patch where, instead of "Men of Mayhem," it reads "The Unholy Ones." What's that about? Is that the Frequent Murderer equivalent of United Airlines Platinum Status?)

As the vanquished dog's owner picks her up and carries her toward the back, Tig quietly and purposefully begins following him. Chibs, who has been watching Tig, alerts Jax, who begins running because why let Tig get killed at 11 AM in Stockton when he's got an appointment with death at 2 PM? The other SAMCRO regulars check the concern on Jax's face and everyone starts quietly heading toward the back.

Outside, the dog owner is putting his whimpering girl in a dirty kiddie pool in preparation for putting her down. Tig stops in the doorway to the back yard, notices the recycling bins filled with dead dogs, and reels, "Ahhhh. You gotta be kidding me." As the dog fighter covers his dog's eyes and prepares to shoot the dog, Tig comes over with his gun and cheerily informs the dog owner that he'll blow his head off. Jax interrupts, and Tig goes all Sarah-McLachlan-for-the-ASPCA on him, "Look at this! This is so wrong!" -- but Jax snaps at him to focus. So Tig cocks the gun on the guy again and growls, "Where's Dante, you piece of shit?" When I paused this scene right here, Chibs was in the middle of a truly glorious eye-roll. It is sort of a mystery why he doesn't quietly leave his cut on the table in church and take off under cover of darkness to start a new life free of these fools. Anyway, the guy spills Dante's location, so off goes Happy to find him, and then Chibs has to pull Tig's choke chain to get him to back off from the would-be dog murderer. But on the plus side: Tig now has a new dog!

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