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Dog Got Your Tongue?

Jax heads outside and gets the 411 on Lee Toric from Unser. It's an impressive CV: "Harvard education. Ex-Special Forces. Recruited into the U.S. Marshalls in '91. Lots of high-profile arrests, commendations up the yang, as well as a long list of misconduct violations -- excessive force, intimidation, racial profiling. Looks like he was, uh, forced into early retirement. The little sister? She was his only family." Jax takes Unser's notes and stares off into space thoughtfully, perhaps wondering, "Will it take me all 13 episodes in Season Six to break this man? Or have I found a worthy adversary at last?"

Speaking of Toric, he has a front row seat when Otto decides to bite his own tongue off rather than make any statement for the investigation into Pam Toric's murder. As Otto flings the tongue onto the one-way glass, Lee mutters sardonically, "Wow. Way to commit, Otto." Every season, it's a new body part. By the series finale, all that will be left of this guy is a head in a box and an upraised middle finger.

Oh, goody, it's Gemma come to confront Tara about her career choices at Tara's workplace. First off: Where is the guard dog at the front desk to keep the paroles from bothering the expensive medical specialists? Why is it that anyone can waltz on in to Tara's office? And how have more gang members not thought to take advantage of this very easy access to the SAMCRO president's old lady and used it to their advantage? Second off: Is second off a thing? I hope so, because I'm using it. Second off: Why does Tara bother saying anything to Gemma beyond, "Hello," "Goodbye," and "Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you."

Anyway, Tara conducts herself like a moron throughout this entire scene, because not only does she cop to the Providence offer, she admits that Jax doesn't know all the details, and she blurts out her plan to take the boys out of Charming ASAP to the woman who has already amply demonstrated the lengths she'll go to and the depths to which she'll sink to stay in those children's lives. Why Tara didn't just airily say, "Oh, it was a miscommunication. I'll have to call later. It's so awkward!" is beyond me. This way, she ends up in a physical brawl with Gemma and she's got Gemma promising, "You take one step out of Charming and the only place you're going is prison. All I gotta do is reach out to those investigators, tell them you asked me to bring you that cross. I'm sure there's plenty of security footage of us on that lot. And afterwards, you told me exactly what you were going to have Otto do -- kill an innocent to reverse RICO. You had it all planned ... I'd have the satisfaction of knowing you were locked up, getting fist-raped until they were well into their 20s."

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