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“The Things That Turn Players Into Kings”
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The episode opens with our four SAMCRO boys entering Gen Pop at the county lock-up, and boy, orange is not really their color. Within seconds, a giant contingent of Pope's guys on the inside is heading toward them, but they're quickly intercepted by the Latino coalition Romeo must have called upon.

And -- in keeping with the show's tradition of opening every episode with morning in Charming -- we zip to Nero's pimprageous pad, where Gemma is slowly waking up. She is either nursing a monster hangover or Nero's depleted her electrolyte levels to a staggering degree. Quite possibly both, knowing her. Nero distracts Gemma from her bitching and moaning about Jax's recent life developments by calling out the hickeys he gave her a few hours ago and cooing, "Love hurts." As will Carla, if Nero doesn't get his ass in gear and starting dealing in hooker management. Gemma quips, "I don't think your Whore Friday is keen on me occupying your time." Nero just dismisses Carla as being a Type A madam.

Inside lockup, Chibs frets to Jax that Pope's only going to find other ways to get at SAMCRO in prison. Immediately after commenting that all the guards are greedy bastards on the take, one such exemplar fetches Jax to the warden's office, where Pope is waiting.

At the SAMCRO clubhouse, Bobby is delivering the news that Luis has ensured the boys' safety on the inside. "Thank God," says Juice. "Thank vatos with shivs," Happy corrects him. (It would crack me up if we find out that Happy's a militant Richard Dawkins fanboy in his spare time.) Then everyone goes off to Lindelof Pines for a meetup. On the way out the door, they run into Gemma, who is sporting a necklace of hickeys. This does not pass unnoticed by anyone, but in a rare display of discretion, nobody says a word. They only stare.

In the warden's office, Pope tells Jax, "Relax -- we're just here to talk." Jax glares and asks, "Is that what you told Tig's girl before you set her on fire?" Pope gives Jax a Child. Please. look and says, "Let's not discuss the tragedy of dead girls. That's an argument you'd lose." Pope then gets to his next point: He thinks SAMCRO are too smart and too ambitious for him to kill. And here's where we see how smart Pope is: Rather than waste resources on killing a bunch of people who will likely be more trouble than they are worth, he's just going to twist Jax and the club as a way of teaching them not to mess with the smarter class of criminal: Fifty percent of the money the club makes on every drug shipment will now belong to Pope. Also: "Traeger, he stays inside for the rest of his life. I'll make sure he's treated accordingly. This way, every time I think about my daughter, I know where he is and what's being done to him. I need a dead Son for the Niner and the cop you killed. It maintains my relationships. I don't care who. The commander knows about it, he'll set it up. When that happens, witnesses are no longer witnesses and you get out to earn."

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