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“The Things That Turn Players Into Kings”

After Tara storms off, she passes Margaret, who says, "I hate it when she makes you stoop to her level." Tara, who is perhaps a tad sensitive to the social realities of having married a felon with a GED, snaps, "I didn't stoop!" She flounces away, leaving Margaret to ponder whether any management textbooks cover the delicate issue of firing someone because their lethal clan is turning your surgical unit into an episode of Maury.

Cons in the yard, recapper flashing back to her Prison Break days. Jax and Opie have a conversation that shows us where Opie's head is at: "This ain't fun anymore. Chasing cash we don't need and spending every dime trying to stay alive." It's sort of amusing, then, that when they meet up with Chibs, we see that he's got a dollar bill tattooed over his sternum. Jax tells everyone about his latest meeting with Damon, conveniently leaving out the part about how someone who is not named Tig is going to be dead by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Clay and Bobby are doing their best not to crap their saggy jeans as Luis delivers the news that Pope met with Jax on the inside. The whole point to this scene? Luis warns them that the Galindo cartel has a low tolerance for dealing with people who attract the kind of shipments-blowing-up trouble that SAMCRO had back in the episode premiere. And in return, Bobby and Clay bluster that they've got this handled. Can this relationship be saved?

Clay decides to handle his professional loss of face by attempting to regain some face in his personal life. He shamelessly leans on Juice's pity glands until the poor, dumb kid is nearly in tears. The two of them are clearly headed over to the Best Little Cathouse in Charming.

Gemma has now tracked down Wendy at her day job, and since Wendy happens to be between group meetings at the moment, she tolerates the notion of conversing with Gemma. Their body language is worth noting here: Gemma's sitting upright on the edge of her seat (with a scarf on, natch) and Wendy's leaning back, leg crossed as a barrier against Gemma, hands tucked into her lap, closed off. Gemma starts by relating Jax's charges of manslaughter, claiming they're "bullshit." "They always are," Wendy says, bemused and dismissive. She asks how Tara is, and Gemma spins a tale of woe: "She's in bad shape. That's why I'm here. I think she's self-medicating." Wendy does not seem surprised, and asks if it's pain meds. Gemma claims that Tara's become hooked on oxycontin, Jax is oblivious, and won't someone think of the children? Wendy says, "Well, you should tell someone at the hospital," and Gemma gamely deflects that with, "I'm not letting in outsiders." Then she moves in for the kill: "You want Abel in your life?" Wendy begins laughing: "You want me to threaten her with oxy abuse? What the hell did she do to you?" Gemma shrugs, "It doesn't matter" -- which should be a red flag right there -- and claims that she's giving Wendy the leverage she needs. Wendy just shakes her head as she marvels, "Unbelievable." Gemma concurs, "It's a shitty way in, but it beats some messy custody suit, which we both know is the only other way you're going to ever get to see your kid. It's a small, unstable window. Just think about it." Then Gemma totters off. As she hits the door, Wendy says bitterly, "He will never call you 'mommy.' Your promise to me, remember?" Gemma turns and says, equally bitter, "Yeah. I remember everything." And that is exactly why Wendy should blow off this whole exchange, maybe do another group meeting to strengthen her resolve not to slip back into self-destructive habits, and just forget how Gemma tried to play her. But will she? Probably not, because one of the themes in this show is that parenthood makes you completely insane.

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