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“The Things That Turn Players Into Kings”

Back at the prison. Jax needs to speak to a guard in solitary, and owing to budget cuts, there is a new and sudden need to speak to him before half the guards go off shift. So he and the other three SAMCRO cons go and pick a fight with four of Pope's pet felons. Hilariously, Jax attempts to punch out a man who literally blocks out the sun whenever he looms into view on screen, and it is like watching a cocker spaniel try to savage a Volkswagon.

And that is how we finally to see Jax without his clothing on. So I'd say it was worth it, no? Also, he looks like he's been working out even more. Those deltoids are so well-defined, he could store dimes in the crevices.

We zip to the hospital, where Tara's exemplifying the challenge of maintaining a healthy work-life balance by feeding Thomas (he's on her desk, in his infant car seat) while trying to highlight notes for a case she's reviewing. Wendy appears in the door with an apologetic, "Sorry to barge in." Tara says flatly, "This is not a good time." She then shuts down Jax as a topic of small talk and treats Wendy's involuntary exclamation about Thomas -- "Oh my God, he's so beautiful!" -- as a threat to take this kid too. Wendy plows on, saying, "We need to begin the conversation about Abel." Tara informs her that there is no conversation, and Wendy says, "Your life is very messy, Tara. I know -- it used to be my life. And with Jax running the club, it's only going to get more complicated." Tara cuts her eyes at Wendy and asks, "And what does that have to do with my son?" Wendy says, "His father is a convicted felon and his guardian is psychologically fragile." Point to Wendy. Tara dismisses it as "bullshit," adding that she's Abel's mother, "Legally. We got married... yesterday." Wendy looks a little stunned, but rallies to say congratulations. Then she fully recovers: "You still have to tell Abel I'm his mother. Or the court will." As she heads to the door, Tara calls out, "Why do this today?" and then the penny drops for her: "Gemma. Of course."

Tara levels with Wendy on the mother-in-law from Hell: "She tried to kill you -- or did you forget that? She's pissed because I won't let her run my family. What did she tell you? That I'm unstable? What? Strung out on painkillers?" Wendy looks slightly abashed, and Tara knows she's hit on Gemma's line. She also knows she has the facts on her side: she hasn't taken a pill in a month. Wendy concedes that yes, she was played by Gemma, "but it doesn't change the truth." Tara gets right up in Wendy's face and snaps, "What truth? That I'm a surgeon and you're some ex-junkie biker whore. You want to come after me and my family, bring it on, darlin'. I'm not afraid of you or your bullshit custody threat." Tara wheels away, and Wendy takes a moment to remember the Serenity Now thing, then mutters, "Okay, Gemma." Which... yes. Now let us all hope that Tara does not pick up the frosting wand because that is a look that flatters no woman.

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