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Laying Pipe

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“The Things That Turn Players Into Kings”

Opie lasts 56 seconds.

(Tig had turned around so he couldn't watch, but Jax refused to turn away; his was the last face Opie saw, as he was beaten to his knees, before the pipe to his head knocked him to the ground. Next to him, Chibs beat his fists against the window and wailed. Jax turned away as the four men began to defile Opie's body. Kudos to Charlie Hunnam, because he made Jax look as if he'd aged ten years in under a minute.)

In the next scene, as Sergeant Jackball is walking Jax to a meeting with what will surely be Pope, Jax calmly tells him, "I'm getting released, and there's nothing you can do to stop that. I'll find out who you are, and where you live. And then I'm going to kill you." Sergeant Jackball looks skeptical, but that's okay. He'll learn, quite possibly in a scenario where he's given a lead pipe and four hate-filled antagonists and told to fight until he dies.

Gemma is hanging out on Nero's couch, drinking whiskey and smoking a joint. Nero comes in and Gemma asks how Emma's doing. Nero calmly notes that she went to an escort service, then adds reproachfully, "Emma's an earner." Gemma apologizes and Nero sits on the couch with her, and somehow the topic of Gemma costing Nero and Carla revenue is miraculously over and done, so either Gemma's really exerting that much of a hold over Nero or he's got his eye on a bigger payday down the line. Nero leadingly comments about the flipside of anger, and Gemma rigorously denies that it's love. However, she is probably correct when she concludes, "I've not nothing good left for Clay."

Jax walks into the warden's office. Pope breaks the ice with, "Sounds like things went according to plan." Jax declines to sit. He stands, head regally inclined, and says, "There's a new plan. I just watched my best friend get beaten to death for you. Now I'm going to get the club to sign off on your cash, but I need Traeger outside. Him knowing I saved his life gives me an internal advantage I'm going to need. And when I'm done, you can send him out the same way you did his kid, 'cause I really don't give a shit."

Pope looks almost approving as he nods and says, "There you go, finding the hidden advantage in an unfortunate circumstance. Using pain to take you to the next level. Those are the things that turn players into kings." Jax is in no mood for a conversation about his professional development: "I guess you would know." "Yes, I would," says Pope. He and Jax engage in a bit of tit-for-tat, which is how Jax learns that the Charming home invasions are not the doing of Pope's people nor the One-Niners, and Jax concludes discussions with, "I'd like to call my wife. Let her know I'm safe." Pope makes a sweeping be-my-guest gesture and heads for the door. Before he leaves, he cautions, "Be smart, Mr. Teller. It's who you are."

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