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Life or Death

Unser and Jacob. Meeting of the minds. Jacob accuses Unser of helping Gemma, but Unser promises they're still on the same side; he's not helping them. But Jacob needs him to do more than not help them; he needs to hurt them. A ruckus in the hallway gets Unser and Jacob's attention. It's Salazar, who's pissed about the death of his boy last week (you know, even though he fingered him). Jacob's glad to know Salazar has such a strong opinion about how his friend died, but Unser basically tells him to leave that to the sheriff's office.

Ashby's Provisions. Maureen hears and then watches as the SAMs ride by and join up with even more of the SAMBEL contingent in a parking lot that's apparently reserved for just such a purpose. She and Trinity head 'round to greet them, and it's an awkward, if not entirely unfriendly, meeting of John Teller's baby mamas, his kids, and Clay. They all shake and then Maureen sends Trinity inside. Gemma wonders where her grandson is, so Maureen invites her upstairs for a cup of tea. Gemma doesn't want any goddamn tea, which is practically fighting words to an Irishwoman, who asks for a wee bit of respect in her own homeland. Gemma asks if coffee's an option, and it seems to smooth things over well enough for them to head inside. Maureen fills them in: Cameron brought Abel to her. Father Ashby has him now. But they can't go after the priest; he'll find them. Maureen says she's sorry this has happened, and she can't imagine the pain they're all feeling.

Jimmy takes a call from Liam, who's been riding with the SAMs. He tells him he's not sure if SAMCRO trusts him, and he isn't sure if McGee has the heart for this. Jimmy doesn't need heart, though; he needs guts and brains. He hang up and kicks a table in the bar he's in, just to show us how very much he needs those things. And, if that wasn't enough, he throws a chair. He, like, really doesn't need heart, y'all. And that's why he's so emotional.

In the office at SAMCRO's garage, Tara's going through files while Chuck babbles about liking it here better than in jail. Outside, Tig and Kozik bicker like they're in love. Chuck tells Tara that, judging by the level of malevolence between Tig and Kozik, there must be a vagina involved. Not that we needed that scene, since we figured out the vagina part earlier when Tig said "her." Tara thanks him and heads outside, where she bumps into Lyla, who apologizes for Ima. Tara says it's not her fault, and she appreciates that Lyla hit her. That's the perfect segue, as Lyla sees it, to ask Tara where's a good place to go for an abortion. She wants it quiet, and off the books, and Opie doesn't know she's pregnant. She might want babies with him someday, but the timing's just not right. She's done this before, though, so it's not a big deal.

Jacob and Darby, sitting in a car. Darby swears the intel he had on the prescriptions was good, and Jacob trusts him and pays up, then offers him a new proposition. Jacob can help Darby show Charming he's turned over a new leaf, and he doesn't even have to get dirty. He just needs Darby to help him get Lumpy out of his gym, since he needs four places to do whatever dirty deed he's planning in a full Charming city block. If Darby's not interested, he can just leave Jacob's money behind. Which, of course, he doesn't.

All the SAMs are packed around a giant table somewhere in Belfast. It's a hilarious site, actually, since it looks like a bunch of executives at a conference table. Except, you know, with shaggy hair and biker jackets. SAMCRO wants to find Jimmy, but McGee tells them they can't call the priest asking questions like that unless they very much want to have their asses handed to them. Some leather-clad youth busts in to let them know they have visitors. The SAMCRO guys walk outside and look hopefully at a big black van. Chibs is the one who gets to celebrate, though, when Fiona and Kerianne get out. Tearful, huggy reunion as inspirational music picks up so we can see how emotional this is. Gemma comes out to take a peek, too, and she almost cracks a smile, even. Inside later, Fiona says she has no idea what's up with Jimmy, who doesn't trust her anymore. She does know he's been recruiting, though, from his bar in Newry, where he pretty much lives. She knows nothing about Liam's involvement with Jimmy, but repeats that she's been in the dark lately. She's sorry she's no help, but no one's holding it against her. Fiona and Kerianne are supposed to stay at the rectory with Father Ashby, to keep them safe since Jimmy could try to hurt them. Chibs promises he won't let that happen, and the SAMs all flash their guns to show just how safely they'll be able to get Chibs's ladies back to Father Ashby.

Lumpy (or, as I'll always know him, Adelai Niska) watches some guys practice their jabs and hooks when Darby comes in, all friendly and conversational. He tells Lumpy that some friends of his want him to consider their generous offer to buy this place. Lumpy's not exactly won over by the swastika tattoo hanging out the top of Darby's shirt given his own tattoo: his Holocaust number on this arm. Lumpy tells Darby to come on back after he closes if there's something he has to do, because he'll retire when he dies. Darby tries to tell him that if it's not him causing problems for Lumpy, it will be someone else, but Lumpy's survived the holocaust, so he's not about to let this scare him away.

Gemma's sleeping off her jetlag (and heart attack) when Maureen comes in and wakes her. They decide it's about time for a heart to heart. Gemma says she was holding onto hope all the way here that Maureen might be wrong about Trinity, but she could see John in her as soon as she saw her. Gemma asks if John knew; he did. Gemma's pissed, and Maureen apologizes, using her age at the time as an excuse. She goes on that she doesn't expect them to be friends, but this shit needs to stay buried. Gemma says it seems that no matter how deep she buries shit, someone always digs it up. Maureen tells Gemma that the truth right now will only distract Jax, which isn't a good idea. Gemma doesn't agree, but you can see she's agreed. Speaking of Jax, Trinity joins him in his room and gives him some clean sheets. She flirts a little and tells him how sorry she is about his son. Jax asks her how old she is, and finds out she's totally legal at 22 (except for the part where she's his sister, of course). Juice summons Jax to go with Chibs to return Fiona and Kerianne, and Trinity decides to go along, so they don't get lost in the big city. But mostly to flirt with her half-brother. Could this get any creepier? Oh, show, please do not answer that question.

Back at Teller-Morrow, Chuck takes a call for Tig. It's Lumpy. And Darby's back at Jacob's car (Jacob's listening to elevator music, which is totally perfect), throwing the envelope of money back at him: "Find another bitch." Inside, Lumpy tells Tig and Kozik what's up, not so he can be protected but so someone knows what happens if Lumpy winds up dead. While they're in the boxing ring, Kozik challenges Tig to a boxing match, which he takes him up on, though we don't get to see it for no reason at all. It's not like they were trying to save time in this hour-and-a-half episode that somehow feels even longer. Maybe if we'd gotten to see the Odd Couple battle it out, it would have been a little more fun.

Speaking of fun, Trinity, Jax, Chibs, Fiona, and Kerianne are headed to the rectory until SAMCRO leaves on Oswald's plane; Chibs is bringing them back with him. They don't have time to discuss Kerianne's lack of a desire to leave, though, because the car in front of them comes to an abrupt halt. They h

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