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Life or Death
onk, thinking it's just another Irish drunk driver, but it was the set-up for a drive-by shooting. Masked bandits shoot up the car and then take off. SAMs are back at the conference table later, when Chibs comes in and tells them the girls made it safely to the rectory and no one knows who the shooter was. SAMCRO tends to think it was Jimmy's guys, but McGee says it was the Ulster Volunteers, who have been after Jimmy and know Fiona's with him. Liam tells Jax that if they'd wanted him dead, he would be. McGee agrees it had to have been a message to Jimmy to cease and desist. SAMCRO's not in Charming anymore.

Back at the hospital, Tara and her boss, Margaret, have an awkward conversation about where Tara's friend can have a discreet abortion. Margaret thinks Tara's friend is actually her "friend," and tells her that if it were Tara, she'd fully support that decision, not because the father's a criminal but because the mother's uncertain about her future, which she knows would be an unstable environment for a baby. Tara, who seemed all casual when she walked into the room with Margaret, is suddenly in serious contemplation.

Jacob's bailed Salazar out of jail, since they have something in common: They both lost someone because of the Sons of Anarchy, and they both want the debt settled. Jacob would like to give Salazar a couple grand now and two later for two hours of his time. Not many folks could turn down $2,000 an hour, so you can't really hold it against him when he leaves his lady to get in the car with Jacob.

Back in the SAMBEL parking lot, it's full-on party time, with kids and adults fighting, drinking, running around, and being all sorts of inappropriate. Liam finishes his boxing with someone and asks who else will take him on. Jax, with a bone or two to pick unofficially, steps up. Trinity looks worried about him and a little turned on as she offers to wrap his hands. Gemma watches the serious flirtation going on and, instead of telling her son that he is hitting on his sibling, she finds herself turned on by it, too, since she invites Clay back to their room, saying she'd rather watch "my man's big dick" than her son defend his honor. Clay can't say no to that, though he does have a little concern about her heart. She gives Jax a kiss on her way out and asks Trinity where her mom is. Maureen ain't much for parties, it turns out. Or maybe she just prefers to party alone, judging by the serious drinking and smoking she's doing inside at her kitchen table.

Liam and Jax knock each other around, which is a perfect time to cut back to Charming, where Tig's no worse for wear but Kozik's bleeding from the eye after their own boxing match. They leave a prospect (who we'll call "Prospect Fail" for reasons to be made clear soon enough) at Lumpy's place, and tell him that Lumpy sleeps in the back room, so he better guard him well. Tig gives Prospect Fail a gun, and he and Tig leave. Another Prospect offers to stay, too, but the Odd Couple won't let him.

Jax is looking well-oiled post-fight, just how his sister likes him, as she congratulates him (a quick shot of a bloodied-up Liam makes it clear what a badass Jax really is) and then offers him the use of the bathroom inside her place, so he doesn't have to listen to his mom and Clay going at it. But, as they're heading back to her place, Father Ashby shows up and asks Jax to get cleaned up and then make his way to St. Matt's so they can have a talk. Jax tells Trinity goodbye, and Father Ashby tells her to put her ma to bed. Which, to Trinity, means covering her up with a blanket where she's passed out on the couch. Then she goes to bed herself with a "Love you, Ma."

At Lumpy's, breaking glass awakens Prospect Fail. He hides behind a trophy case and watches Salazar come in with a gun and break shit up. He slips away into the next room to hide as Salazar steals a medal out of a trophy case, then shoots the whole place up. Lumpy's awakened and comes storming out, yelling at Salazar, who tells Lumpy to tell the Sons that nobody messes with the Mayans. As if the knocked-out Lumpy will be telling anyone anything. But, still, good attempt at starting a gang war and slithering right on out of it. Prospect Fail runs out of the place with his tail between his legs.

Abortion clinic. Tara waits with Lyla, who thanks her for doing this since she doesn't really have anyone in her porn circle who'd be there at a time like this. Lyla wonders if Tara thinks she's a freak, but Tara promises she doesn't. She asks Lyla if she's sure she wants to go through with this. Lyla's sure. She does love Opie, and would love to have kids with him someday, but not right now, while Donna's ghost looms so large. She says Opie tries to let her in, but the fear of something awful keeps her on the outside. The nurse comes out and calls for "Sarah Palin." Lyla guesses that's her, hugs Tara, and heads back. Tara goes to the desk and schedules her own appointment. She tells the receptionist she's about seven weeks along.

Belfast. The SAM table is looking less conference and more poker as the guys are playing cards. Gemma comes out in a robe and chats with Bobby Elvis in the kitchen as he makes her some tea. Gemma can't believe how much has happened on this first day in Belfast. Bobby Elvis: "Just another vacation." He chuckles, then sighs, then really asks her how she's doing. She says she's okay, and Bobby Elvis promises they'll find the kid. She knows. The way she watches Clay so lovingly here makes me think maybe she's not going to make it to the day when they get Abel back. Gemma tells Bobby Elvis he'll have to take care of Clay when she's gone, but he doesn't want her going to the scary place. He says they're all right and she says, "Okay," then hugs him. But she's not all that convincing. She's much more convincing blowing kisses to Clay, who blows them right back at her before she heads off to bed.

Prospect Fail leaves his Sons of Anarchy jacket and the gun Tig gave him on a car and rides off into the night, (hopefully) never to be heard from again. Unless he's going to have to deliver the message about the Mayans to the guys. Maybe he saved us some time and put a note in his pocket.

Belfast. McGee gets a call from Jimmy, who tells him to put today's "little setback" behind them. He gives his phone to his booth mate Donny, who will fill Liam in on the details of what's to happen next.

A church. St. Matt's, I presume. Father Ashby and Jax sit together, and Father Ashby assures Kellan that Abel's safe. He says Abel was in danger from Jimmy, and still is. Jax doesn't understand why Jimmy has any reason to hurt his kid, but Father Ashby says he has many. He tells Jax that the words he's about to share with him are very volatile "and only God can be a witness." But, don't worry, because even God wouldn't be able to follow the Father's logic about what's about to happen here. He tells Jax that Jimmy wants to end the IRA's relationship with the Sons of Anarchy, and cut out SAMBEL from any future work, stop dealing guns in SAMCRO. Jimmy says the gun dealing is why his dad helped set up the charter with SAMBEL. But Father Ashby says Jimmy wants to sell the guns to Russians in Oregon for a greater profit because he wants more money. Everything he does is for profit. Jax, like the rest of us, wonders what this has to do with his kid. Father Ashby says the IRA's come to a very difficult decision: Jimmy's greed and arrogance has become a hindrance internally and politically. He says Jax experienced that hatred tonight, with the drive-by shooting. Jax figures out that Father Ashby's going to get rid of Jimmy, but that's not quite what the priest has in mind: Jimmy's so enmeshed in the IRA that word can't get out that they'd kill one of their own leaders. So he needs Jax to kill him over the vengeance of a distraught father, something every Irishman would understand. Jax asks if Jimmy knows about this conversation, and Father Ashby says Jimmy knows the lines have been drawn, which is why he lied to Jax about Abel and tried to get him deported right away

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