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Life or Death
. He says Jimmy wants Abel as leverage, and is a grave threat to both of their families. Father Ashby says, somehow ominously, that if Jax kills Jimmy, he promises Abel will go home in the arms of his loving family.

Back at the foster home/baby thrift store, where Abel's new loving family is taking him home. I don't get why Father Ashby won't show Abel to Jax if he doesn't have something more sinister planned than he's letting on.

Next week: SAMCRO's still in Ireland. Now with more guns. There's some shit going down back in Charming, too. Explosions! Gunfights! A gavel bangs! Jimmy points a gun at Gemma's head. And it looks like Jax is either knocked out or sleeping. It looks quite a bit more exciting than this mostly setup, setup, and setup episode.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, went to Ireland for her honeymoon. It was nothing like this episode. You can contact her at

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