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Grandma Is Dead, Long Live Grandma
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Jax is playing with Thomas's toes as the baby chills in a high chair the next morning. And I know we're one sentence into this recap, but indulge me this observation: You can tell which of the Teller-Knowleses had the punishingly lonely upbringing with the dead mother and drunk father, and which had the upbringing where physical affection is freely bestowed for no reason whatsoever, because Jax is so much more tactile in his affection for his children than Tara is. I love it when the actors carry out their characters' backstories in even the smallest details.

Anyway, Jax is parenting his kids this morning, and what does it say about his life that managing a preschooler and a baby is the most calm and Zen part of his day? He makes Tara some tea and brings it to her in bed, then promises that he'll be home to dote on her all day after he takes the kids to daycare and checks in with the club. Tara is pretty much nonresponsive until he gets to the door, then she calls out, "What are you going to do about Gemma?" Jax shrugs, "Don't worry about her. The restraining order keeps her away from you and the boys." Tara points out that there's an entire club of enablers to bail out Gemma, but Jax doesn't care.

Inside the sheriffs' station, Roosevelt brings over a coffee for Gemma and tells her, "You haven't given my sheriffs anything yet and we need more information before we can process you." Gemma spits, "You got everything you need. Eyewitness saw me kick my pregnant daughter in the stomach." (Note that she refers to Tara as her daughter. Truly, Gemma and Tara illustrate the saying, "The opposite of love isn't hate -- it's indifference.") Roosevelt asks, "Is that how it went down?" Gemma leans in and says, "I'm the dirty biker whore with a record. She's the good doctor. Does it really matter what I have to say?" Oddly, Roosevelt thinks it does.

Gemma tells him, "Jax's ex found out that Tara was setting up a will. Some kind of legal shit that would give custody of the boys to a stranger. Margaret Murphy. I went down there to confront Tara. She baited me. Hit me. I checked myself and I did not hit her back. Then she threw herself on the edge of her desk and started screaming that I kicked her in the stomach. I would never hurt that baby."

Roosevelt listens to this and notes that the eyewitnesses also have axes to grind with Gemma. Then he asks, "Why would framing you be worth causing her own miscarriage?" Gemma, of course, has figured all that out too. Because it's handy when the show's creator is in love with you and has granted you the wisdom of Athena and the Helen of Troy-like ability to send men to war in your name.

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